Fuck)Dani Daniels in Dani Daniels - Outdoor Hardcore

Dani Daniels takes a day trip to see some nature and trees, and whatever else you see in a park that doesn't have swing sets. She brings along her friend, and they start fucking. Then some asshole tourist interrupts them. Dani is drenching wet and is super disappointed that she doesn’t get to have some dick at that very moment. So, they go somewhere else -- away from the beaten path—to keep fucking. Dani wants a law that lets people have sex wherever they please, if only that were the case, Dani, like some ancient Greek society, if only. By some benches under a tree, Dani brings out her friends’ cock and jerks him off as she rubs her pussy. She pulls his cock into her pussy and she giggles as he enters her throbbing wet pussy, her pussy feeling like warm macaroni and cheese. She gasps and moans lightly as he goes in and out of her leaving his cock looking like a Krispy Kreme glazed donut. As he fucks Dani harder, he begins to choke her, and she gags and moans with every stroke he gives her. She begs him for more as he slaps her face, warning her that it’s the last of dick she’ll get before they get arrested. Dani convinces him to keep fucking her next to the highway with her ass in plain view for all to see, she shouts and moans as he fucks her doggystyle on the picnic bench, the excitement of public sex makes Dani wetter and hornier, barely being able to keep herself up as the pleasure makes her body weak. They hike down to a more secluded area where they for sure won’t be caught and arrested. By a fence, Dani gulps down her friends’ cock until its left shiny and gleaming in the sun from her saliva. She backs her ass onto his cock, and he fucks her pussy doggystle, standing and getting fucked Dani’s legs almost buckle, it feels too fucking good getting every inch of his cock in her. She gets on her knees to lick her pussy juice off his cock, but he pulls her up from her hair and lifts her legs and fucks her standing up almost knocking over the fence they lean against. The two end their public-fuck-a-thon with cum in the back of Dani's throat.

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