Ting Hiafen is the owner of the largest Asian breast

Milking is incredibly healthy. It's even difficult to move with such balls, but what can you do, what nature has rewarded. The Asian owner of these incredibly huge boobs, the video is like a compilation, they don't show the naked boobs, but everything is not bad. The bitch just moves, walks and shows charms, albeit dressed. The girl herself is thin. And with such milkings it is hard for her to do housework, still, to carry so many kilograms on herself. The name of this cutie is Ting Hiafen, there is information that the total weight of her milkings is 20 kilograms, the length of each breast is about 50 centimeters, such incredible indicators. In the video, the girl tries to have fun and not lose heart, what to say - well done. Here is such an interesting long video with the owner of the largest Asian breast, Ting Hiafen.

3 years ago