Healthy Habits, Horny Rewards

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? Get ready to exercise your cocks with this stunning Dad Crush classic released on December 25, 2021. Starring Lily Lou as the bootylicious gym buff babe, the sexy lady is concerned about her stepdad Bobby’s unhealthy habits. She is afraid he might not watch her grow if he keeps eating like that, so she decides to rub him the right way for him to take care of himself. A couple of squats lead Lily to massage her stepdad’s cock with her luscious booty, prompting Bobby to tickle her pussy. Next, Lily tries to convince stepdaddy to try yoga to get energized, but the guy is just not motivated enough. There’s only one thing left to do: suck his cock to entice him! The results start showing soon after, with Bobby doing push-ups in his room all by himself. With his testosterone levels at an all-time high, Bobby is now beaming with energy. Proud of him, Lily offers her stepdad one more exercise routine: a nasty fuck session. Fucking his stepdaughter’s pussy raw and creaming her eager mouth is the best way to channel his newly-found energy.

2 months ago