Sarah in SARAH 3252

Welcome to the new Backroom office! Kidding, this is a temporary fix while Jake and I wait for the new office to be ready. As you recall, we got booted out of the old one. Took the owner only, what, 4 years to figure out what we're doing there? Anyway, today's casting hopeful is 18 year old busty Latina Sarah, who is cute as a button, works as a barista ("Whaaaat? You're out of Unicorn Frappucinos? Well, no job then for you, ma'am!"), and shockingly sexual and loud once you get her in the right frame of mind. And by that we mean naked and with a cock in front of her. She's positively shocked when she sees Jake's Irish trouser salami for the first time. "It's so big!", she exclaims. Music to a man's ears! A girl who admires and then demonstrates her true love for dick, deserves to cum, so Agent Jake does his best to give our teen a few O's before he cums inside her, makes her eat his sperm collection, and sends her packing without money and without a job. Our always cheery and positive Sarah doesn't mind. Sarah loves sex and attention so much, she will happily wait a few weeks until those producers come calling. In the meantime...we'll take a grande confetti cherry macchiato or whatever girly sugary shit you must be gulping down at work these days.

6 months ago