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Satin Stone in Music Makes Me Lose Control 2 8:00 Cute brunette Satin Stone is on her bed grooving on her hands and knees, listening to some music on her headphones. She's wearing a snug pink skirt and white T-shirt, a pair of pastel pink ankle socks on her feet. She wiggles and wriggles, shaking her ass at you, her panties on show beneath the hem of her skirt. She's in another world in those headphones, one in which she's happy to lift her top and caress her naked breasts, slip her hand down between her thighs and stroke herself through her panties. That gets her turned on and then she's rubbing at her clit, licking her finger and pulling her panties aside to strum her slit some more. She takes off her top and skirt, sweet titties jiggling as she slips her skirt down, then she down on her knees with her ass right in front of you, panties around her thighs, stroking her shaved pussy. Soon, she's naked but for her socks, the headphones put aside, two fingers deep inside her tight hole as she masturbates hard.
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Jessica A in Hottie enjoys love juices after orgasm 12:00 When Jessica has a free moment, she loves spending time on her own. She turns off the phone and her computer, turns on soft music, caresses her divine body while taking off her clothes and, finally, takes a big sex toy deep into her clean shaved pussy. She moves the big and fat dildo back and forth inside her dripping wet cunt till she gets her desired satisfaction. Kinky Jessica even licks the love juices off the sex toy.
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Valentina Vega in Ass Like Vega 15:00 We had a casting last week for a music video. Levi was on hand to help out and handpick the girls. There was one smoking hottie who had awesome long legs and an amazing ass. This round and brown beauty knew how to shake her sweet booty too. We let Valentina know there was a lot of competition for the part, so she really went all out. She took everything off, got oiled up, and showed us how she played with her tight pussy. Soon after that Valentina was sitting on Levi's face and riding it. Don't miss this hottie and her cute smile, as she shows off all her amazing moves. Watch that awesome ass bounce all over the cock, super hot!!
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Kennia Lex, Sasha Paige in Sex friends orgasm together 12:00 Kennia Lex, Sasha Paige and their mutual friend come together for a sleepover party. They discuss different things and listen to music. At some moment, they start a pillow fight that gets wilder and wilder with time. Finally, kinky chicks bare their yummy tits and start caressing them. The dude feels surprised at first, but then joins the game and even turns it into a threesome action that gives them all total satisfaction in different positions.
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Sonia Sweet in Super Sexy Teen Sonia Sweet Gets a Sticky Ass 12:01 In Private’s Cute & Tight Holes 2, perky little teen Sonia Sweet gets too horny when her boyfriend plays guitar. After some playing around on the Piano, this young couple make sweet music with a hardcore session! She takes his hard instrument down her throat after having her wet pussy licked and readied for fucking. This fine babe loves to take it hard and fast, she screams as her tight cunt is destroyed and then she is finished off by taking a cumshot all over her perky firm ass.
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Tiffany Tatum, Casey Nortman in FLUTE LESSONS FOR TIFFANY & CASEY 10:00 Tiffany and Missy excel in pleasuring their professor, not with music but with their talents for sex ! They are particularly gifted!
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Jenni Noble in Jenni Noble Comes Clean 6:00 I love tattoos and a geeky nature in a man, said Jenni Noble. That combination floats Jenni's boat. "Someone who is open and willing to experiment is always fun. I think a guy should be genuine, kind and super-geeky. I'm so awkward and clumsy that people normally shrug it off as cute or charming. A dominant female is also a huge turn-on." Jenni has very smooth moves on the set so we don't see this awkwardness she mentions. Today, Jenni's spending some quality time in the shower, and that includes some tits-on-glass play. Daria isn't an especially dominant girl but she and Jenni got along just fine when they met the one time at SCORELAND with tongues, toys, nipples and fingers. "Daria is a beautiful woman. She was really kind and a bit shy when we met at first. She's got a lot of energy, though, and has great taste in music. I had a lot of fun with her!" And we had a lot of fun photographing them.
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Victoria Vargaz in Loud Neighbor Apologizes With Pussy 15:01 Victoria Vargas is the most annoying neighbor in the world, throwing constant parties and blasting music until all hours of the night. But when she offers her tight Latina pussy by way of apology, she goes from worst to best neighbor just like that!
Nadiya in That’s Right We’re Gonna Have Sexual Intercourse 11:00
Nadiya in That’s Right We’re Gonna Have Sexual Intercourse 11:00 This week, we’ve got Nadiya gracing the couch. She’s a health care worker and we seem to have had a lot of those lately. There must be something about working a million hours for chicken scratch that isn’t very appealing I guess. Now that she's here, Rick and I are gonna see if she has what it takes to make it in the adult industry. Overall, she's got a great look and reminds me of Emily Ratajkowski from that one music video. Photogenic, model like looks mixed with a girl next door appeal.. it’s a real sneaky type of sexy. While interviewing her, we find out she's super down to Earth and fun to chat with. Also, she's got a real cute bush. The real fireworks pop off when I she gets my dick out of my pants and into her mouth. She's one of those gals who really enjoys pleasing and you can see it in the way she sucks cock and there’s nothing better than that. From there the rest of our afternoon goes pretty damn well. She happily takes my cock wherever I tell her I'm gonna put it and I'm pretty sure that’s what gets her pussy literally dripping. It only takes a minute for that ass to get loosened up before we get to ass fucking. By the time I get her on the floor doggy, I'm in full on pound town mode and she’s loving every second of it. We do some lovely ass to mouth and gaping before she tastes my delicious cream pie off the chair lol. She seems pretty stoked on the whole ordeal as she doesn’t even bother putting on her bra before we toss her in an uber and on with her life! <3 Cam
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Sarah in SARAH 3252 11:01 Welcome to the new Backroom office! Kidding, this is a temporary fix while Jake and I wait for the new office to be ready. As you recall, we got booted out of the old one. Took the owner only, what, 4 years to figure out what we're doing there? Anyway, today's casting hopeful is 18 year old busty Latina Sarah, who is cute as a button, works as a barista ("Whaaaat? You're out of Unicorn Frappucinos? Well, no job then for you, ma'am!"), and shockingly sexual and loud once you get her in the right frame of mind. And by that we mean naked and with a cock in front of her. She's positively shocked when she sees Jake's Irish trouser salami for the first time. "It's so big!", she exclaims. Music to a man's ears! A girl who admires and then demonstrates her true love for dick, deserves to cum, so Agent Jake does his best to give our teen a few O's before he cums inside her, makes her eat his sperm collection, and sends her packing without money and without a job. Our always cheery and positive Sarah doesn't mind. Sarah loves sex and attention so much, she will happily wait a few weeks until those producers come calling. In the meantime...we'll take a grande confetti cherry macchiato or whatever girly sugary shit you must be gulping down at work these days.
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Maya Woulfe in The Best Guitar Teacher 15:00 Cute little brunette Maya Woulfe loves music, so today she's giving tattooed stud Lucky Fae a guitar lesson. Maya knows she always plays better when she's relaxed, so she decides to show Lucky the best way to loosen up: with a blowjob! Soon these two are making beautiful music as Lucky pounds Maya's pussy and strums her clit, and Lucky's playing definitely improves when Maya's got his dick in her mouth!
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Fuck)Dakota in Alone With You 9:45 When up-and-coming model Dakota arrived at the house of a renowned fashion photographer for a photoshoot, she did so expecting to keep her clothes on. But something overcame the gorgeous young spinner as she modeled the sexy black outfit. Maybe it was the tense atmosphere of the shoot, the temptingly ethereal music, or simply the way the flimsy material glided across her pearly alabaster skin. Whatever it was, Dakota soon found herself peeling the dainty threads from her young, nubile flesh, peering deeply into the camera with piercing green eyes as she did. Once the last scrap was removed, Dakota continued to taunt and tease the photographer, quietly, lightly caressing her flawless skin, her perfect perky breasts and ass, and even her wet, wanting pussy. Feeling free of both clothes and what remained of her inhibitions, Dakota smiled a soft smile, content that natural beauty will always be in fashion.
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Anna Claire Clouds in Facial Cumshot For a Curious Blonde 10:00 This blonde small titty teen with a chest tattoo and lips to suck on imagined that she came for a music video casting. After a long interview, the casting director broke down and came clean, there was no video. But, she could still earn 3 grand if she sucked his dick, fucked him, and if she let him cum all over her face. The teen talked herself into this nasty fuck that will melt your cock away once you see how good the blonde rides that pleasure maker!
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Julia De Lucia in Best Foot Forward 15:00 It was a sweltering night at the office of music producer Max Deeds, but no one was hotter than his executive assistant Julia De Lucia. Of course, it wasn't just the temperature or humidity that was affecting Julia's fever. She had been hot for Max for a long time, harboring an aching, full-body desire for him, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Losing herself to a daydream of Max's fingers traipsing across her body, she didn't notice when the man himself walked in. Luckily for Julia, Max too wanted every part of her, massaging and worshiping her dainty feet before kissing his way up to her soaking pussy, lapping at it like a man parched. Quenched but still hungry, Max and Julia feasted on each other well into the evening, with his big, hard cock satisfying every thick, quivering curve of her warm form.
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Sofie Style in Bra-busting In Style 6:00 When I go out, I wear everything tight, showing a lot of my cleavage, said Sofie Style. "It has to be tight. This way, all the men are looking at me. I love that. I love the attention. Most of the time I wear a sports bra that in U.S. size is about 34DDD. In European size that is an 85G. Triumph fits me best, and I love how my boobs look wearing their bras." A nurse by profession, Sofie took to modeling very quickly. She climbs onto the bed in this scene, slowly undressing to full nudity and running her hands all over her sexy body. Her big, full, natural boobs splay when she lies on her back. She pinches her nipples and shakes them as the camera moves in close. Sofie's fingers play a hot tune on her pink squeeze box. That's music to our ears.
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Tori Karsin in Bikini Strip 6:00 Wearing a bikini that looks like dental floss, especially from the back, Tori Karsin chats with the cameraman for a minute before she walks to the pool, takes off her bottoms, kicks off her heels and peels off her top. Tori skinny-dips for a few minutes, walks back into the house naked, dries off and gets off on the floor, giving her pussy a good spank. "I masturbate daily," says Tori. "At least once. Most of the time, more than that." Tori's all-time favorite job was being a stripper. Houston has been loaded with clubs for decades and Tori has her pick to dance in. She likes to go to exotic dance clubs for fun and relaxation also. "I love to go to titty bars. I love to be in that type of atmosphere, listening to the music, watching the dancers performing, watching their effect on the guys. Sex is always in the air. It turns me on."
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Eliza Eves in Dream Lay 6:01 Occupation: Student; Lives: Tacoma, Washington; Age: 21; Born: October 7; Ht: 5'6"; Wt: 145 pounds; Bras: 36C; Panties: G-strings or thongs; Anal: I've never gone all the way; BJs: I love swallowing; Masturbate: Often.Meet Eliza, a lovely college student who decided to let us fly her down to shoot porn in Miami after she got a taste of the adult industry in her dorm room. "My roomie was camming and let me watch her put on a show. I saw those dollar signs come rolling in and thought, 'I want to get paid to cum!'"With a face as innocent as Eliza's, you'd be surprised at how nasty she can be. "Don't get me wrong," she told us. "I like slow, romantic sex in the dark with soft music playing and maybe a candle or two. But, I'm a sucker for a big dick, a hard pounding, a little choking and a finger in my ass. Either way, I'm cool."