Aaliyah Love, Jenna Foxx in True Lesbian - The First Day 15:00
Aaliyah Love, Jenna Foxx in True Lesbian - The First Day 15:00 Angela (Jenna Foxx) stands in front of her bathroom mirror, nervously getting ready for a date with a lesbian sex worker she has hired. She checks her makeup and tries on different clothes, all the while hearing the tormenting voices of her husband in her head, chastising her for being a closeted lesbian. It becomes clear that things have not been going well for her, and that her husband has left her due to her repressed sexuality.Moments later, Kira (Aaliyah Love), the sex worker hired by Angela, is on her way. She drives through the suburbs and receives a text from her company giving her details about Angela, mainly that this is her first time with a woman. She smiles and turns the music up, hopeful that she will land a regular client in this first-timer.Kira arrives at Angela's house, lavishly dressed and ready to impress. A nervous Angela greets her and invites her inside. After settling in and getting a few ground rules out of the way, Kira slowly moves Angela's hands to her breasts, giving her her first taste of lesbian intimacy. Angela is at first willing but then breaks down, putting her face in her hands.Angela can't help but unload all the loss and anxiety she is feeling because of her recent troubles. She's having a hard time coming to terms with the idea that she might be a lesbian, and is worried about what her community and peers will think of it. Kira steps in, and with a warm smile, tells Angela that she would be honored to be her first. She then compliments Angela's beauty and body, giving her the love and affection that she never received from her husband.Angela is touched by this affection and kisses Kira deeply. With no more reservations, Angela lets Kira guide her through a sensual and exploratory erotic experience, hoping with all her heart that this will be the first time of many.
Beau Diamonds in Beau's cock rehab 6:00
Beau Diamonds in Beau's cock rehab 6:00 I love sex, said Beau Diamonds, a 51-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from West Midlands, United Kingdom. "I have sex as much as possible." As much as possible? Beau can have sex whenever she wants it. She's a beautiful MILF with long, flowing red hair, big tits and a curvy body. In this fuck scene, her second fuck at, Beau is a rehab nurse who has been sent to Don's home to take care of his arm injury. She takes care of him alright! First she places his hands on her boobs then she shoves her tits in his mouth, and he loves sucking on them. You would, too. Beau gives him a deep, wet, lustful blow job to get his cock ready for her pussy. Beau is short 'n' stacked: five-feet tall, DD-cup tits. She has green eyes, if you haven't noticed. She told us, "I have run and completed a number of half-marathons and one full marathon. I love taking my dog on long walks to relax, especially on the beach. I love spending time with my family, so a day out with my family is always perfect. At night, I love to go for cocktails and dance to '80s music at a nightclub." Panties: "I usually wear thongs." Clothing: "If it's for a night out, then I like to wear a sexy dress so all the guys notice me. Other times, I like to dress fashionably." How often she has sex: "As often as possible." What satisfies her best: "A big, thick cock." She gets one today.
Kelli Maxx in She Wore A Blue Titty Top 6:01
Kelli Maxx in She Wore A Blue Titty Top 6:01 Is there a better way to spend an evening than with Kelli Maxx, her HH-cup hooters pouring out of a blue top, soft music and white wine? We think every member of the Fraternal Brotherhood of XL Men would say, "Heck, no!" "Thanks for joining me," Kelli says as she fondles her boobs. "I've been feeling so hot today." With looks like this, we think it's safe to surmise that Kelli feels hot every day. "Want to get me naked?" she teases as she continues to bounce her boobs. Kelli, when you're here with us, you don't even have to ask. Kelli's sexuality pops off the screen when you watch her. She has perfect boobs, a sexy body and a dripping-wet Boston cream-pie pussy she can't keep her hands off of. "Oh, I bet you want to rub my pussy," she says. "Or do you want to fuck me." Kelli begins to fuck herself with her fingers and eventually makes herself cum so hard she begins to shiver. "Did you like fucking my pussy?" She teases again. "I bet you did."
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Kittina Clariette in Bang Hard 2 15:00 MikesApartment, helping single hot Euro babes with a place to stay, for a price! Today's delight was Kittina, a Hungarian model attending the local music festival. She traveled quite a ways to get here and she was desperate! She had nowhere else to stay but you know Mike had it covered. Kittina was in for a special treat and we fucking delivered it. She got her pussy slaughtered and it was quite an event. It was a win/win. She had a place to stay and we fucked the shit out of her.
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Beth Mckenna in Beth's toy show 6:00 Beth McKenna's friends and family back home in Mississippi don't know that this 52-year-old hottie is here, fucking herself with sex toys and, later in the week, having sex with a young stud for all the world to see. But if they found out, they would be... "Very surprised," Beth said. "I try to dress very casually at home, partly so people that don't know won't suspect. And my job, law, requires that I act properly and professionally, so I tend to dress and act conservatively at home. Most of them would never imagine how I spend my free time away from home, and I love knowing that." They'd be so shocked to see what Beth is doing here: fucking her pussy and ass with dildos--DPing herself--while sucking on another dildo. But she's a very sexy woman-long--legged with a beautiful body--and we think she's exactly where she belongs. "I played basketball, volleyball and softball in school and still play some," she said. "I love fitness and being outside. I live on a lake, so I paddleboard, kayak and swim and I run and bike for fitness. I do like to read and listen to music a lot. I also spend time with my family, and I have dogs and cats that I enjoy." Basically, Beth is the typical woman-next-door. What makes her not-so-typical is that she's here, doing this. We're very happy to have her.
Janet Jade in Detroit 44-30-36 6:00
Janet Jade in Detroit 44-30-36 6:00 Janet Jade is just like any healthy, young, super-stacked girl. She roller-blades, watches movies, and likes to have fun. "I love R&B music," Janet said. "I love to dance to R&B. Shake my titties." Janet used to be an exotic dancer before she moved to Las Vegas from Detroit. A very quiet, charming girl who moves gracefully and quickly picked up the basics of photo modeling, Janet is one of the most physically versatile models we've ever met. When they are newcomers, some models find that holding a pose for a still picture is more strenuous than they realized. Not Janet. She was physically fit from playing sports in high school. She was also a cheerleader. Imagine that. She keeps in shape with her roller-blading and gym visits. Janet didn't like her boobs when she was growing up. When she started dancing at 19 at a club in a suburb near Detroit, she realized how much guys liked them and her attitude softened.
Polly White in Music and kisses lead to anal 10:00
Polly White in Music and kisses lead to anal 10:00 Beautiful music in her AirPods and her boyfriend's sensual kiss make this blonde teeny so excited she switches from nerdy to dirty mood right away. Next thing you know she's all naked spreading her fresh young pussy to get her clit licked good and riding the lucky guy like a cowgirl before welcoming his cock in her anal realm. That must be the most amazing sexual experience ever cuz that tight smooth ass hole is such a pleasure to fuck. Wow!
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Polly Pons in Pumping Pumpkins 15:00 Sneaky Ron Johnny Fox hears music and sees flashing lights in the hostel where he is staying. While other guests are distracted by the party, Ron sneaks out and steals a pumpkin. Carving a hole into it, Ron starts to fuck the pumpkin, thrusting with gusto! Polly Pons, a party goer, walks in on this. When she immediately bails from the room, Ron shrugs and continues, but Polly, intrigued, comes back in quietly behind him. The busty slut helps Ron thrust, then strokes his cock, sucking it before putting it back in the pumpkin! Polly sits on the pumpkin doggystyle so Ron take care turns fucking the pumpkin and then her pierced pussy, then goes the same in the missionary position. Finally ditching the pumpkin, Polly gets pounded in the spoon position, then rides Ron's cock until he cums on her ass. Immediately hard for round two, Ron keeps fucking Polly's pussy until he pulls out to drop a second load on her face and tits!
Asteria Diamond in Slapping the Skin 14:59
Asteria Diamond in Slapping the Skin 14:59 Peter Green gives Asteria Diamond a drumming lesson, teaching her just how to slap the skins on the conga drum, then playing for her while she shakes her big booty. Asteria starts sucking Peter's cock whil he plays the bass, so he bends her over and slaps her ass, ripping open her leggings and fucking her doggystyle. These horny music-lovers definitely make some noise as they fuck in the studio!
Lacy Lennon in Fond Memories 15:00
Lacy Lennon in Fond Memories 15:00 Ryan (Jay Romero) brings home his new girlfriend, Lydia (Lacy Lennon). She is excited to be seeing Ryan's home and looking forward to meeting his surviving parent, Nate (Tommy Pistol), seeing it as the next step in their relationship. Ryan is also looking forward to it, saying that he wants Lydia to feel like part of the family. Before entering the house, Ryan inspects Lydia's hair and adjusts it slightly. She recently had it styled at Ryan's suggestion, and he seems oddly concerned with making sure it looks perfect.When Ryan and Lydia enter the house, they see Nate, who looks a bit melancholy as he plays the piano. After Ryan introduces Lydia and Nate to each other, Nate comments that Lydia looks familiar, but Lydia says they've never met before. She then asks Nate to continue playing the piano, saying the music sounds beautiful. Nate continues playing, but sadly explains that his late wife was much better at piano than he is. Lydia is delighted with Nate's playing anyway, sitting beside him for a bit. Something about Lydia's presence seems to cheer up Nate a bit, and he even smiles.Ryan then tells Lydia he has a surprise for her, and leads her to another room, where a gift is waiting for her. The gift turns out to be new shoes and even a pretty dress, which Ryan had custom made for her. Once Lydia has changed into the new outfit, Ryan examines her appearance, adjusting her hair before saying she looks wonderful. Lydia is thrilled with the new clothes, and tells Ryan she's grateful to have him in her life, especially since she never thought she'd be happy again after someone in her family died. Ryan compares her situation to his own family's situation, then says they should go show Nate how beautiful she looks.When Ryan and Lydia go back into the living room, Nate is stunned. It turns out that with her new hairstyle and clothes, Lydia looks just like Nate's late wife Megan did when she was younger. Lydia is confused and upset by this revelation, demanding that Ryan explain himself. Ryan tells Lydia that Nate has been lonely and distraught ever since Megan died. So when Ryan found someone (Lydia) who looks like Megan, he pretended to be interested in dating her, to prepare her as a gift for Nate.Lydia is angry that her relationship with Ryan was a lie, and begins to leave. But Ryan reminds her of how much death has hurt her own family, saying that Nate is in the same position right now. Lydia can't help but feel sympathy for Nate, and Ryan slips away so Lydia and Nate can be alone. Nate calls Lydia 'Megan', as he talks about how much he loves her and misses her, gaining more and more of Lydia's compassion as she thinks about the tragedy in her own family. By the time Nate asks Lydia if he can touch her and kiss her, Lydia says yes, exactly as Ryan planned...
Rebecca Jane Smyth in Won't you be our neighbor, Rebecca Jane? 5:59
Rebecca Jane Smyth in Won't you be our neighbor, Rebecca Jane? 5:59 Rebecca Jane Smyth uses the ol' MILF in distress trick to get her young neighbor over to her place. She tells him her TV needs fixing, but that's not exactly true. Seems Rebecca Jane has fucked her way through almost all of the male occupants of the building. "He's new," she says. "The only one I haven't had." That situation is about to be rectified. Rebecca Jane sucks and fucks his cock, he eats her MILF pussy and then they fuck. And being the good neighbor that she is, Rebecca Jane offers him her asshole, too. Of course, he takes it. Wouldn't you? Rebecca Jane is a 46-year-old MILF from London, England who has never had a job that didn't involve sex. "I have done pretty much everything," she said. "Fucking outside is nice. It's a bit risky when you think you can get caught. I do like doing that. I've shagged in a cinema before because the film was shit, so I had to amuse myself in other ways. The one thing I haven't done is a gangbang film. That's something I would love to do. Lots and lots of guys. As many as possible." About that shagging in the cinema thing...Rebecca Jane actually enjoys going to the movies, not just fucking while they're playing in the background. "I love watching films. When I'm not working, I just like relaxing. Watching films. Listening to music. I really love horror films, mainly vampire and werewolf movies, because I think vampires are so sexy. They're so arrogant!" Rebecca Jane likes "quiet, intimate dates." She's not a swinger, but, she said, "I do have a lot of sex." How much sex? "Three, four, five times a day." Yep, that's a lot!
Skye Blue in Hearts On Fire 11:59
Skye Blue in Hearts On Fire 11:59 Sexy blonde Skye Blue wears a flowing white lace wedding gown and work boots to walk through a derelict building, as Andrej Lupin’s atmospheric erotic movie "Hearts On Fire" begins. She is serenaded by a classical quartet in suits and masks, then joined by a man dressed in white, who takes her hand to dance with her. Skye removes Michael Fly’s mask and kisses him tenderly, the music drawing to a close as the lovers move to a white bed set among the ruins. Their kisses grow fierce, Michael pulling his sweetheart’s dress down and lavishing attention on her beautiful breasts, slipping his hand into her lace panties to stroke her. When she’s writhing with pleasure, he peels off her panties and eats her shaved pussy, her big breasts jiggling as he makes her climax. Skye frees Michael’s thick cock from his pants, gazing up at him adoringly as she licks and sucks it. She straddles him and guides his erection into her tight pussy, her ass rising and falling as she rocks her hips to ride him, boobs bouncing as their bodies slam together. They move into missionary, Skye clinging onto the metal bed frame as Michael thrusts into her, fucking her to another powerful orgasm. He doesn’t stop, driving them both to a passionate simultaneous climax.
Eliza Ibarra, Gabbie Carter in Her First Bolster 15:00
Eliza Ibarra, Gabbie Carter in Her First Bolster 15:00 Eliza Ibarra, a massage therapist, gives a warm welcome to Gabbie Carter, who has arrived for an appointment. Gabbie says that her legs are sore, and wonders what treatment is best for her. Eliza suggests several massage options, but Gabbie admits that she's having trouble choosing from so many unfamiliar massage types. Gabbie asks if Eliza has a particular recommendation, and Eliza says that the bolster massage would be great for her. Gabbie eagerly agrees to give it a try.They enter the private massage room, which is a peaceful sanctuary with soothing music. Gabbie undresses and lies down on her back on the massage table, with the bolster lifting her thighs. Eliza slowly and sensually massages Gabbie's beautiful thighs, then moves the bolster further down so that she can give Gabbie's calves and feet some attention. She massages Gabbie's upper body as well, including her curvy breasts.Eventually, Gabbie turns over so that she's lying down on her front, with the bolster lifting her gorgeous ass. Eliza's skilled hands lavish lots of attention upon Gabbie's butt and legs. After some time, Gabbie gratefully says that the massage feels amazing. Eliza suggestively offers to help her feel even better, and Gabbie accepts. Eliza rubs Gabbie's pussy and licks her asshole, and eventually she undresses for further pleasure, including getting her own turn on the bolster. Looks like the bolster massage is indeed the perfect treatment!
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Camila Cortez in Hot babe agrees to fuck for 2K 9:59 This tattooed nubile babe has no problem showing a lot of skin, and as it turns out she has no problem sucking and riding big dark cock on camera too. She loves being licked, spanked, fucked hard and all that and even having a boyfriend doesn't stop her from taking my money for a quick fuck right in my hotel room. This whole fake music video audition was such an awesome idea cuz I get to fuck suck hot chicks on a daily basis. Lucky me!
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Chanell Heart in Chanell Heart, Ebony Slut Loves White Cock - It Twerks If You Twerk It 13:00 Chanell Heart is very pretty. Chanell Heart has a cute little body. Chanell Heart is all natural and loves white cock. She shows off her sweet little booty and proceeds to get nasty. Bill Bailey wants to know how she likes it and she's so fucking cute while she begs for it. She likes her asshole licked while she plays with her pussy and demands to be fucked. She just can't wait for it and needs that white meat in her pussy now! She works up an appetite and sucks that cock like a pretty little whore. When she hops on top, that booty bounces like a music video. Enjoy this hot interracial scene with a sweet helping of vanilla icing on the chocolate cake.
Fuck)Tana Lea in Tana Lea Red Head Mega Slut Gets Anal Creampie 10:00
Fuck)Tana Lea in Tana Lea Red Head Mega Slut Gets Anal Creampie 10:00 Ginger beauty Tana Lea excitedly prepares her house for a very special visitor. Today, she will have someone whom she has been waiting for. And that is why everything in the house should be perfect. Tana did not bother to dress up. What is the point? All of their clothes will be thrown on the floor anyway. She patiently waits, fully naked, on her white floral bed. James Deen obviously has the same thought in mind as he comes inside the room wearing nothing. She didn’t wait for him to reach the bed. She kneels on the floor and takes his full-length member inside her mouth. She gives a blowjob until his dick is fucking hard. James makes her lie down on the bed as he slowly inserts his big hard cock inside her tight pussy. Her pussy isn’t wet enough so he pulls out and kneels on the floor. He spreads her legs apart and buries his face in between her legs. He licks and sucks her clit, eating her pussy until it is soaking wet. The two are now on the bed. She is on all fours while James is humping her hard from behind. The sound of their skin slapping against each other as he fucks her in the doggy style position is music to their ears. They both love it and they are turned on even more by it. Tana wants to be in control so she hops on top of James as he lies down on the bed. She gently inserts his big hard dick inside her wet and tight pussy, riding his dick in the cowgirl position. She then turns her back on him, without pulling his dick out. She now rides him in the reverse cowgirl position. James then screws her pussy hard in the scoop me up position before making her stand on the edge of the bed. James Deen bangs her from behind until he orgasms. He releases his warm cum all over her butthole.
April Olsen in April Olsen loves music and now she wants to fuck her piano master neighbor!! 15:00
April Olsen in April Olsen loves music and now she wants to fuck her piano master neighbor!! 15:00 April Olsen is walking back to her apartment when she passes by her neighbor's window and hears him playing piano. Uncontrollably, she gets turned on by the music so she runs to her apartment and starts touching herself, but when the music stops, she heads straight over to her neighbor's to finish what she started.
Anna Claire Clouds in Anna Claire Clouds-InterracialPickups 11:59
Anna Claire Clouds in Anna Claire Clouds-InterracialPickups 11:59 When Anna catches a couple of dudes filming her at the park she is incensed. How dare they try to steal her content! She is a content producer and is very focused on her social media platforms and image and sure as hell does not want anybody using her for free. Well wouldn't you just know it - these two hot sexy studs in the park just happen to be influencers. Now that is music to any Gen Zs ears. The mere thought of being exposed to more followers always gets a young girls' cootchie all mushy and swollen. Immediately she hops at the idea of tossing around some content ideas and brainstorming on what just may go viral. Afterall - in todays world all a girl really wants is to go viral and make lots of money. When the influencers point out how a hot girl like her should be pushing her content even further and going full naked for a bigger market she is more than ready to jump into the cool girls platforms of choice. So when the boys get out their big black poles she is horny and looking to expand her brand as well as her pussy, it's a win win situation. Now this is the type of content this little social media butterfly likes - big black poles in her little white hole. They take turns filming her and stuffing her mouth and cunty with their rigid black poles and soon reward the little slut with a bucketful of facial baby batter. Now let's hope this goes viral.
Alina Lopez in Boning the Bodyguard 15:00
Alina Lopez in Boning the Bodyguard 15:00 When the private estate of pop music super-star Alina Lopez gets put on lockdown, her bodyguard Jessy Jones won’t let her go out to the club...So this beauty decides to kill time and have some fun playing with her security guard’s big hard dick instead!
Arial Rose, Carmen Monet, Natalia Robles in Three Teenagers Share a Cock 10:59
Arial Rose, Carmen Monet, Natalia Robles in Three Teenagers Share a Cock 10:59 When Arial Rose, Carmen Monet and Natalia Robles started talking about their perfect blowjob, it was music to our ears. Lots of noise, lots of attention and a whole mess of saliva getting everywhere! Each takes their turn stripping down and showing off their perfect little assholes. As much as we want to dive in, today’s to-do list is a threesome BJ. Each one gets their turn getting throat fucked by that monstrous Perv City cock. When all three ladies get on the cock at the very same time, that’s when the Oral Overdose begins!
Layla Balan in Hideaway With Layla Balan 5:59
Layla Balan in Hideaway With Layla Balan 5:59 Layla Balan is our exotic goddess for the erotic film Hideaway, set in a tropical villa. Layla loves music, loves dancing, loves the sun, and especially loves to be nude, so this was the perfect shoot for her. We begin with Layla sneaking away for a private holiday, enjoying a bit of music and swaying to the beat. After that she moves outside to the pool for some wet pleasure. And then she brings it back indoors for a relaxing shower and some lazy "Me Time" in bed. So sneak away and enjoy your own private Hideaway with lovely Layla Balan.
Chloe Foster in Chloe Foster is Little Red Cock-riding Hood 10:00
Chloe Foster in Chloe Foster is Little Red Cock-riding Hood 10:00 Crossovers have been a hot topic since forever. TV shows, movies, music artists, literature is the usual thing. Chloe Foster has some idea on her own and invites James Deen to make it into a reality. If you’re interested to know, Chloe is a fan of childhood stories and she’s keen on making adult versions of it. In this episode, she makes a crossover for Little Red Riding Hood and porn. A really great idea if you ask us. This starts off with Chloe, already in the costume, while she slurps and gags on James fat dick on POV. With an explosive intro like this, you might think that this is gonna be the best it’s gonna get. But no, she keeps this up while making some dirty looks and eventually stripping down to show her shaved pussy for him. Chloe spent a really long time sucking his dick but what’s coming next is gonna be longer. Speaking of long, Chloe gets to the next phase to ride his long dick. She bounces her ass up and down until they moved on to the next phase. James gives her pussy some nice licking in transition. This is to make sure that little red riding hood gets off too. Chloe is lying down on her back. James fucks her while hugging one of her beautiful leg. He gives her some kisses in the process and grabs her by the neck to make sure that she stays in place. They went back and forth from these positions. I think James used her red hood to cover her face and fuck her hard at the same time at some point. It was a nice exchange. James made her drop down to her knees and showers her beautiful face with cum at the end.
Darcy Dark in Brunette tempted into sex with BF 12:00
Darcy Dark in Brunette tempted into sex with BF 12:00 Adorable teen is listening to music via wireless earbuds and scrolling through the phone when excited boyfriend approaches her. He starts tenderly touching babe's body and soon they are passionately making out. Guy gets on knees and licks GF's shaved pussy until she expresses intention in polishing his boner. After sucking every inch of erect cock, she is ready for so desired sex. Stud nicely penetrates pink pussy in doggystyle and other poses. Spontaneous sex culminates with cumshot on her face.
Violetta Pink in ASMR 2 7:59
Violetta Pink in ASMR 2 7:59 Sexy Czech blonde Violetta Pink is in her home music studio experimenting with ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. She’s playing with sound, trying to discover a note or noise that will spark a pleasurable physical sensation.