Brooklyn272015 in Brooklyn

Teen ambush inseminations are fun! 18 year old Brooklyn is fresh out of High School and likes to think of herself as a bad girl. Hapless and overwhelmed, she realizes that this biz is not for her well before that surprise creampie. She freezes up pretty much as soon as I have her get naked. Brooklyn clearly hasn't given much head. Or fucked much. Or thought about this career choice, as evidenced by the fact that she barely knows what's expected from her in porn. Coming to a casting and not being on birth control is just bad planning. I don't even push for anal because I just know she'd run home crying. But Brooklyn's ultra tight pussy that basically sucks the cum right outta me makes it all worth it (for me). Long story short - once she stands in line at the pharmacy for that morning-after pill, I'm sure she'll rethink her career plans.

11 months ago