Cate Harrington, Cyprus Isles, Ris Layne in A Wild, Wild Fuck

The scene begins with Ris, a stunning, blonde Mata Hari, with a toned, taut, dancer’s body, performing a titillating strip tease, while Cate, a winsome brunette, and Cyprus, a comely blonde, enjoy the show, along with their men, who are all entranced, by Ris’s, seductive gyration, on the stripper pole. Thanks to their inflamed passions, and a liberal management policy, the girls are soon, voraciously sucking their stud’s horse cocks, with whorish, wolfish hunger, and masterful, oral prowess. Then, with their motors revved, the girls revel, in having their nostalgically, closely cropped, fuzzy man traps, brutishly pounded, in doggie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary, while earnestly licking pussy, and sucking cunt juice off of the huge dicks, whenever they get the chance, moaning and wailing, in wanton jubilation. Being an insatiable anal slut, Cyprus luxuriates, in having a ginormous, donkey dick, vehemently drilled into her asshole, which transports her, into a moaning, screeching, dick drunk delirium, until he pulls out, to spray paint her ass, with his jism, which Cate licks off, with epicurean delight. The other stud, then dumps his load, into the waiting mouths, of Cate and Ris, who lick every drop, off of each others lips, with whorish relish.

11 months ago