Daisy Stone in Daisy Stone "Please Pimp My Ass Out

Being in the industry for some time, some actors and actresses have some aspiration or like a milestone in business. For Daisy Stone here, she wants her ass hole look like it’s been in some kind of anal destruction business. Ultimately, she wants the guy to “pimp her ass out”. Whatever that means, Prince Yahshua interpreted that as making her ass hole look like a victim of bottomless pit of lust. It was a straightforward request. But it needs some intro to make it a good time for both of them. Prince starts working from the top. So after some kissing, he tried grabbing her by the neck and moving to her tits. After taking it out and some admiration moves, he made Daisy bend over. Prince says hello to that cute of an ass hole with some light finger fucking and some licking. After that, he now sticks his big black cock inside her white ass. They go at it for a few moments, realizing that they’re both not wet enough. So they pause and Daisy goes back on sucking on that fat dick again. Prince bent her over after and lubed her up to make it a little easier for both of them. When that’s done, he resumed ravaging that white ass of hers. Looking shiny as fuck, Daisy is starting to get what she wished for. After a good few minutes, Prince flipped her over to change the view. Now her pussy and tits are on display as he works with her ass hole. He changed venue again after that. They stand up and Prince bent her over against the wall. Prince resumes on fucking that ass with all he’s got. That position made him deliver himself into his end. When he was ready to cum, he made her kneel down and beg for his cum. He holds Daisy down as he jack himself and finally dumping his loads of cum into her mouth. He came so much that Daisy basically looked like she’s gargling with cum.

5 months ago