in Ryan 011910 11:01
in Ryan 011910 11:01 Ryan might have a boy's name and the sexual appetite that matches any guy, but other than that our 18 year old ASU freshman is all girl. You wouldn't know it by just looking at her but the girl is a fricken nympho! And she loves it rough. Jay is happy to take her up on the challenge, and not just when he rams a vibrator in her pussy, another toy in her ass, and has her use a vibrator on her clit at the same time. She screams and moans and tries hard to cum as much as possible with all those toys in her holes. It gets much rougher than that though. Jay deepthroats and face-fucks her to the point where most girls her age would run out screaming, but even that's not hardcore enough for Ryan to call it quits. Then Jay starts fucking her nice and slow but quickly increases his speed and aggression. You can see her excitement grow the harder Jay thrusts in her. It gets really wild during doggy, though. It's not usual to have a 18 year old girl shout "slap me harder! As hard as you can!", but that's crazy Ryan for ya. After he does as requested, you can see Jay's handprint on Ryan's ass for the rest of the shoot, that's how hard she gets slapped. Hey, she asked for it. Ryan will experience her first anal today, she just doesn't know it yet. Although Jay's incessant ass fingering and toying should have given her a clue that he's obsessed with her secret spot. After doggy (where Jay probes her asshole with a vibrator as he fucks her, to give her a little preview LOL), he talks her into getting assfucked properly. She is excited to get assfucked for the first time, but also nervous. Jay's big cock may not have been the best intro to anal sex - "breathe, baby", he says and she tries to keep it together, but Jay's cock filling her asshole is still a lot to take. Pun intended. You get to watch Ryan's facial expressions as she gets assfucked thanks to Picture-in-Picture editing. When Jay takes his cock out of her ass because it's so painful for her, Ryan has him try again. Good girl! Ryan is a really great girl with lots of enthusiasm, is up for anything including rough sex, and only minimally complains about having her face and hair plastered with cum in the end. Maybe we'll have her back for an interracial midget threesome and a donkey, I don't know how else we could top today's shoot with Ryan. Let us know what you think of her. - Steve
in Hard Body MILF Gets Banged 8:00
in Hard Body MILF Gets Banged 8:00 Lux is a raven haired Amazonian temptress with a fit, firm body, full, round breasts, and the most lecherous, dick-hardening smile. After a brief intro and tease for the camera, a beefy stud enters, and she drops to her knees, devouring his stalwart shaft, sucking him with ravenous, wolfish hunger, and giving a wondrous, wet, sloppy blowjob as she jams every stony inch down her gullet. Her brawny stud puts her in doggie to savor the view of her spectacular, firm, round apple ass as he slams his beefy battering ram into her with savage fury and her elated moans to fill the room. After she sucks her slut juice from his pecker, he lays her on her side, brutally drilling her bald garden of decadent delights. Consumed by her unbridled passions, she takes him for a wild ride in reverse cowgirl, slamming her hungry hole onto his meat stick with ferocious, feral fervor, inducing eyes-rolling-into-the-back-of-her-head, screaming, banshee-like orgasms. She continues her wanton quest in cowgirl as her mouthwatering ass savagely humps his potent prick, unleashing a deluge of screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms. Her indefatigable stud drops her into missionary, pulverizing her pussy as he pile drives his beefy battering ram into her harlot’s hole, sending her into an intoxicated, dick-drunk, hedonistic reverie, and a cavalcade of volcanic, earth shaking orgasms spew forth until he pulls out to fire a jet stream of jism into her cum bucket of a whore’s mouth, leaving her with a gooey, contented smile on her face.
in Intro to Pleasure 15:00
in Intro to Pleasure 15:00 Riley Reid and her boyfriend Tyler Nixon are deep in the throes of new love and can barely keep their hands off each other. In fact, the young couple are so lost in affection that neither one noticed as Riley's stepmother Cherie walked up behind her as sh
Isabelle Love in Fat Cock in Tight Mature Pussy 8:00
Isabelle Love in Fat Cock in Tight Mature Pussy 8:00 Isabelle is an oversexed, hot, buxom, red haired, big boobed granny who’s come to sample Jay’s humongous horse cock, and Jay is only too happy to oblige. After a brief intro chat, he kisses, fondles, and undresses her until his tongue can tango with the sensitive clit of her shaved snatch as she moans appreciatively. With her passions inflamed, she savors sucking his donkey dick with epicurean delight. After titty fucking her massive mammaries, he puts her in doggie, slamming his beefy battering ram into her with impassioned zeal while she moans ecstatically. Rolling her over into spoon, he drills his steely shaft into her while she fingers her clit, moaning in an intoxicated, dick-drunk revelry. After sucking her pussy juice from his dork, she takes him for a ride in cowgirl, vigorously bouncing her big round ass onto his towering tool, thrusting into her as she moans in whorish delirium, lost in lust. Returning to doggie, Jay diligently drives his dauntless dong into her while thumbing her asshole before flipping her into missionary, where he continues to barbarously pulverize her pussy while she fingers her clit and moan orgasmically. Pummeling her pussy in spoon, then back in missionary, she explodes in an out of body orgasm, followed by Jay jacking off to shower her tits with his creamy cum.
Sable Renae in Sable Is Always Able (to Fuck) 8:00
Sable Renae in Sable Is Always Able (to Fuck) 8:00 Sable is a tall blonde golden granny, with the body of a 20 year-old, who has come to Eric to satisfy her ravenous craving for big dicks. After a brief intro, she gluttonously devours his horse cock, shoving every stony inch all the way down her gullet. After she jacks him with her booted feet to cater to his foot fetish, Eric ardently plows his titanic tool into her bald garden of lascivious longings in missionary as she fingers her clit, panting, moaning, and crying out in orgiastic exultation, triggering a screaming, gut-wrenching orgasm, but still the greedy slut demands he give her more. Mounted in cowgirl, her full round ass fiercely humps his obelisk of lust while she moans in sluttish jubilation, racing to her lecherous Valhalla. Remaining perched on his beef baton as he stands up, she fanatically grinds her ravenous cunt onto him with unbridled lust as a deluge of screaming orgasmic tsunamis engulf her. She then resumes her wild ride in reverse cowgirl, ferociously slamming her voracious cock pocket onto him, moaning and screaming with unchained primal passion. Once in doggie, Eric brutishly pounds his monster cock into her as she begs for more, while an endless torrent of wailing, shrieking orgasms consume her. Rolling into spoon, he barbarously drills his donkey dick into her, driving her into a howling, screaming, intoxicated, dick-drunk revelry. He then rewards her by unleashing a geyser of goo into her mouth and all over her face, leaving her looking satiated glazed and dazed.
Daisy Stone in Daisy Stone "Please Pimp My Ass Out 10:00
Daisy Stone in Daisy Stone "Please Pimp My Ass Out 10:00 Being in the industry for some time, some actors and actresses have some aspiration or like a milestone in business. For Daisy Stone here, she wants her ass hole look like it’s been in some kind of anal destruction business. Ultimately, she wants the guy to “pimp her ass out”. Whatever that means, Prince Yahshua interpreted that as making her ass hole look like a victim of bottomless pit of lust. It was a straightforward request. But it needs some intro to make it a good time for both of them. Prince starts working from the top. So after some kissing, he tried grabbing her by the neck and moving to her tits. After taking it out and some admiration moves, he made Daisy bend over. Prince says hello to that cute of an ass hole with some light finger fucking and some licking. After that, he now sticks his big black cock inside her white ass. They go at it for a few moments, realizing that they’re both not wet enough. So they pause and Daisy goes back on sucking on that fat dick again. Prince bent her over after and lubed her up to make it a little easier for both of them. When that’s done, he resumed ravaging that white ass of hers. Looking shiny as fuck, Daisy is starting to get what she wished for. After a good few minutes, Prince flipped her over to change the view. Now her pussy and tits are on display as he works with her ass hole. He changed venue again after that. They stand up and Prince bent her over against the wall. Prince resumes on fucking that ass with all he’s got. That position made him deliver himself into his end. When he was ready to cum, he made her kneel down and beg for his cum. He holds Daisy down as he jack himself and finally dumping his loads of cum into her mouth. He came so much that Daisy basically looked like she’s gargling with cum.
Skyler Haven in Sky Has No Limits 8:00
Skyler Haven in Sky Has No Limits 8:00 Sky is a good-looking, sex-crazed, blond-haired golden granny with a sensational tanned, toned body. After a brief intro, she gluttonously devours Chad’s potent prick, doing her best to shove every stony inch down her throat. Wanting more, she climbs onto his fuck-pole in cowgirl, her full round ass vigorously humping him with impassioned zeal as she moans ecstatically. After she sucks her slut juice from his dork, Chad vehemently slams his titanic tool into her missionary, triggering a bestial, screaming, body-shuddering orgasm. After some titty fucking, she resumes her wild ride in reverse cowgirl, ferociously slamming her voracious cunt onto his towering tool while moaning in sluttish jubilation. He continues pummeling her pussy in spoon, thrusting his donkey dick into her with barbarous abandon while she begs for more, rubbing her clit to unleash a torrent of screaming, body-convulsing orgasms. Once in doggie, he relentlessly pile drives his beefy battering ram into her as she throws herself back onto him, wailing and screaming like a bitch in heat, loving every minute of it until he pulls out, unleashing a fountain of cum all over her face, leaving her looking happily dazed and glazed.
Cathy Heaven, Valery Summer in 2 Gorgeous Goddesses Ferociously Fuck 7:59
Cathy Heaven, Valery Summer in 2 Gorgeous Goddesses Ferociously Fuck 7:59 Valery is a stunning, exotic-looking, raven-haired, olive-skinned, Goddess, with fiery passions, and Cathy is a wickedly, bewitching, brunette, who oozes sex, from her every pore. After a brief intro, their brawny studs, kiss, fondle, and lick them, from stem to stern, filling the room, with their rhapsodic moans, that are amplified, when the guys, focus on lavishly licking their bald, honey pots, as the girls passionately kiss. The girls then voraciously suck their stud’s, savory sausages, with wolfish hunger, gusto, and adept, oral virtuosity, as Valery shows off her absent gag reflex, effortlessly shoving cock, balls deep, down her velvety throat. While Kathy relishes sucking cock, Valery ardently licks her, from behind, as her stud brutishly slams his beef baton into her, forming a train of ecstatic, moaning lust. The girls, moan and wail, in sluttish jubilation, while kissing, as their studs barbarously slam their pricks into them, in doggie, and missionary. Moving into a 69, the girls lick their engorged clits, & suck pussy juice, from the guy’s turgid tools, while moaning, and squealing, in a whorish revery. Watching the girls, continue their frenzied fucking, in missionary, reverse cowgirl, doggie, and cowgirl, while moaning and shrieking, in an intoxicated, dick drunk delirium, is an awe-inspiring sight to behold. To cool them off, they unleash geysers of goo, spewing into their wide-open mouths, and all over their faces, leaving them happily, glazed and dazed.
Bunny Madison in Bunny Madison: First Anal Scene! 11:59
Bunny Madison in Bunny Madison: First Anal Scene! 11:59 Eager for her first on-camera anal fuck, busty, bikini-clad blonde MILF Bunny Madison meets husband-and-wife directing duo Mark Wood and Francesca Le. The frisky babe teases and strips, flaunting her plump booty and luscious breasts. To warm up, she buzzes a vibrator over her clit with a butt plug lodged in her anus. A hot masturbation intro evolves as Mark steps in, presenting the insatiable vixen with his big cock. Bunny wets Mark's meat with a slobbering blowjob. She soon bends over for intense ass reaming. Bunny whimpers through spanking sodomy. The dirty-talking girl gives drooling, ass-to-mouth fellatio. She shakes in orgasm as Mark power-plows her, making sure to show off her widely gaping asshole throughout. Nasty action climaxes with a messy cum facial.
Bella Luna in Bella Luna: Fucked Into Submission! 12:00
Bella Luna in Bella Luna: Fucked Into Submission! 12:00 Busty, bodacious Bella Luna returns to dominant pornographer Bryan Gozzling's place for another nasty date. The oversexed cutie prances up to his doorstep in an outfit that would thrill the neighbors. As her tits spill from her low-cut top, her plump booty pops out of skimpy jean shorts. Bryan creepily gropes her body as she giggles submissively, squeezing her fleshy jugs as he displays her for the camera. Bella rubs his cock through a hot intro, soon spreading her legs to give Bryan easy access to her snatch. Bryan eats her out and fingers her tight twat. Bella kneels to suck cock. The spunky starlet slobbers, chokes and slurps, fondling his sack as she gives a raunchy blowjob. Bryan buries his boner into her pussy, strongly pounding the young girl. Amid sloppy cocksucking and hard rod riding, wild Bella rims Bryan's bunghole! He sends her off with a creamy cum facial.
Myra in MYRA 255 11:00
Myra in MYRA 255 11:00 Myra admits that today she's getting her first white cock. That's a bit surprising considering our Puerto Rican/Mexican babe's looks and location (Sin City). Fortunately for her, that first white cock is above average in size and attached to one of the most experienced dudes in the sexytime department. TC is our man for this scene and that suits Myra just fine. Myra is 24 but she begged us to say she's 20. Career move? It's that sort of thing that tells us Myra is the type of girl that is or can pretend to be pretty much whatever she needs to be - at least when she's around guys - to get what she wants. But she's nervous enough for her first shoot that she let's slip some truths and inconsistencies like that. Like, she claims this is her very first time flying ever. This just seems unlikely. But we're happy to indulge her stories as long as we get her naked (and fucking and sucking and cumming and cum covered....) So even though our sexy Vegas hostess admits she's 24 in the video, we'll just say she's 20 in her intro graphic. Good compromise, yeah? Myra shows off her glorious tits about 3 milliseconds after TC picks her up from the airport. A promising start! Side note - Myra is a 34B boob size.Depending on how she sits/fucks/sucks/bends over, she looks more like a 34C. So should we tag her as "Big Tits"? Your call, let us know. Anyway, once at the hotel, Myra decides to take a relaxing bubble bath (because spoiled brats take bubble baths) and reluctantly agrees to suck her first white cock while she's at it. Reluctantly because she doesn't love to give blowjobs. Major points loss, Myra. But lets' see if she makes it up later. Hint: yes. Yes she does. She does get leg cramps and TC's big cock kinda fucks her raw at some point, but she's a trooper and gives us quite a show. Myra is one sexy latina amateur we hope to see again soon. As usual, that's up to you guys - let us know. Oh and yes we DO read ALL your feedback and requests for girls to come (cum?) back. Not to give away too much but let's just say some of the recent girls you've been requesting to come back WILL in fact be back soon!...
Hime Marie in Hime Marie: Spoiled Little DP Slut! 11:59
Hime Marie in Hime Marie: Spoiled Little DP Slut! 11:59 Tan Latina hottie Hime Marie wears a skimpy bikini with blinged out heels to complete the look. The sassy sex freak strips and shows off through a teasing intro. Next, she kneels before two big Black cocks! Cute Hime strokes Jax Slayher and Rob Piper's boners and stares into the camera, saying, 'I'm such a spoiled little slut today!' Slobber seeps from her puffy pink lips as she sucks dick. Rob eats her pussy while Jax pounds her asshole and then buries his boner into her snatch. The beautiful-but-deviant fuck doll moans as the dudes work her: See double penetration and extreme anal gaping! Raunchy two-hole hammering comes with a drooling, ass-to-mouth blowjob and lewd throat fucking. Hime laps their balls as she impatiently awaits her cum facial reward. The threesome climaxes as hot sperm soaks her pretty face!
Ava Sinclaire in Ava Sinclaire: Anal Gaping + Squirt! 12:00
Ava Sinclaire in Ava Sinclaire: Anal Gaping + Squirt! 12:00 Sexy blonde Ava Sinclaire looks hot in skimpy fishnet attire, teasing and posing for the camera. A wild intro features lewd anal play and masturbation, leading to hard-ass sodomy! Veteran stud Michael Stefano enters view, and sweet Ava welcomes him with a messy blowjob. The petite girl slobbers as she sucks cock, and she crudely rims his bunghole. Michael returns the oral favor and follows up by fucking her slit to squirting orgasms! Ava moans as she rides his stiff shaft. She looks into the camera and adorably says, 'It's time for my asshole to get fucked!' Rude rectal reaming comes with kinky foot fetish, rowdy dick/dildo double penetration, and nasty farting! Ava flaunts her gaping rectum through the vulgar affair, finally opening wide for her cum facial closeup.
Fuck)Fuck)Haley Paige, Joanna Angel in THE LEMON STEALING WHORE MOVIE WITH JOANNA ANGEL AND JAMES DEEN 10:00 Once upon a time, James Deen and Joanna Angel made the greatest porn intro of all time. This was of course, the lemon stealing whore porn. James Deen and girlfriend Haley Paige sit together outdoors. They admire their lemon tree and discuss their love for lemons. James Deen wants to take a loan out to properly insure their lemon tree. Haley wants to be treated as if she is an appreciated lemon. Put on a shelf and admired like James Deen admires ALL their lemons. There is an issue though. Joanna Angel is a lemon stealing whore. James Deen knows that they must watch out for all lemon stealing whores in this neighborhood, and that these lemon whores desire his coveted lemons. Joanna Angel proves him right. She sneaks into James Deen's yard and starts to steal all his lemons. She shoves them down her leotard and tries to abscond with as many of the precious fruits as she possibly can. Luckily, it has been about ten seconds since James Deen has looked at his lemon tree. He and his girlfriend glance over and what do they see? A LEMON STEALING WHORE! The couple has o choice but to do what must be done. James Deen must abuse Joanna Angel and punish her asshole for stealing his lemons. James and Haley drags Joanna the thief inside the house and fucked her holes as hard as they can. James made her suck on his fat cock and dragged her all over the room to fuck her ass in different positions. The couple went at it long and hard until this thief learned her lesson. To properly engrave this lesson to Joanna, he covered Joanna with cum. The couple dominates the tattooed slut. Joanna Angel takes hardcore anal abuse from James Deen. He makes sure everyone knows those are his lemons. No one will mess with James Deen's lemons, especially not a lemon stealing whore.
Leda Lotharia in Leda Lotharia: Dirty Talk, Anal Gaping 12:00
Leda Lotharia in Leda Lotharia: Dirty Talk, Anal Gaping 12:00 Young, raven-haired cutie Leda Lotharia wears kinky fetish gear, teasing and showing off her meaty pussy. The nasty girl fingers her soaking cunt through a heated intro featuring dirty talk and jerk-off encouragement! When director/stud Mick Blue's dick arrives, Leda can't help stuffing that massive meat into her mouth. She spits on his lengthy shaft as she gives a raunchy blowjob, and then Leda crudely rims his bunghole! She shoves her plump booty into the camera, and Mick oils up her cheeks for intense sodomy. Hard anal reaming comes with lewd, ass-to-mouth cocksucking and decadent rectal gaping. The oversexed starlet fondles her twat as Mick pounds her butthole. Leda rides dick wildly. She opens her mouth widely as Mick rewards her with a creamy cum facial.
Francesca Le, Lilly Hall in Lilly Hall: Lactation & Anal Kink 12:00
Francesca Le, Lilly Hall in Lilly Hall: Lactation & Anal Kink 12:00 Booty-blessed Latina Lilly Hall wears skimpy lingerie and heels, eagerly twerking her chunky butt through a playful tease. MILF director Francesca Le steps in to warm her up, tasting Lilly's tight sphincter and buzzing her clit with a vibrator. Francesca's meaty tits bounce as she hungrily rims bunghole, soon sliding a toy into Lilly's ready rump. Lilly's breasts lactate through a kinky lesbian intro, and nasty Francesca licks the juice from her swollen nipples. Hung stud Mark Wood feeds Lilly his thick, club-like prick as she chokes and slobbers. Mark pummels her wet slit to start, and then stuffs his meat up her ass. A freaky anal threesome serves up a crude, ass-to-mouth blowjob and rude rectal gaping. Lilly talks dirty as she rides Mark's big cock, and finally opens wide for a creamy cum facial.
Destiny Cruz in Destiny Cruz: Oil-Drenched Anal Sodomy 15:00
Destiny Cruz in Destiny Cruz: Oil-Drenched Anal Sodomy 15:00 Petite starlet Destiny Cruz douses herself in hot oil and shows off her tempting body through a hot tease intro. The alluring blonde Latina strips and plays with her holes, posing lewdly for the camera throughout. Veteran stud Michael Stefano strokes his hard-on as he pours more grease onto Destiny's glistening body. She indulges his fetish with him a freaky foot job to start, and then Michael stuffs his big cock into her slut and pummels away. He rims her, soon stuffing his boner into her wet butthole. A mess of lube-soaked sodomy serves up hard anal riding; slobbering; ass-to-mouth fellatio; and rectal gaping. Flashy Destiny talks dirty as Michael fucks her booty, prying open her cheeks to show her stretched sphincter. For the climax, Michael spunks her with a hot cum facial.
Brooklyn Gray in Brooklyn Gray: 12 Inches Up The Ass! 15:00
Brooklyn Gray in Brooklyn Gray: 12 Inches Up The Ass! 15:00 Sassy badass Brooklyn Gray shows off her athletic body, teasing seductively through a hot intro. Dressed like a slutty biker babe, Brooklyn parades her body, stripping eagerly and stretching her sweet holes. Damion Dayski arrives, yanking her leash to summon her for sodomy. Brooklyn stares into the camera to start, saying, 'I want to be treated like a little fucking toy.' She gobbles Damion's shockingly big Black cock, retching rudely through a messy blowjob. When she bends over on the couch, Damion stuffs his 12-inch pole into her rectum. Brooklyn spouts dirty talk as Damion power-plows her ass, posing her gaping bunghole when his meat withdraws. Manhandling anal action comes with slobbering, ass-to-mouth fellatio. Slick fluid seeps from Brooklyn's cunt as she flaunts her expanding rectum. Brooklyn crams a dildo down her throat as Damion pounds her booty. She opens wide, and Damion's sperm drips over her tongue.
Misha Maver, Eden Ivy, Sasha Beart in Eden, Misha & Sasha's Anal Foursome! 15:00
Misha Maver, Eden Ivy, Sasha Beart in Eden, Misha & Sasha's Anal Foursome! 15:00 A sexy, lingerie-clad trio -- Eden Ivy, Misha Maver and Sasha Beart -- teases the camera lewdly. Three oversexed babes smack their booties, rim bunghole and make out through a lesbian intro. The girls probe each other's orifices with various dildos. Next, Sasha lies spread-eagled on the couch. Misha and Eden pry open Sasha's sphincter with fingers. Sasha squirts girl cum during a vulgar rectal prolapse! Angelo Godshack arrives to treat the girls to nasty, freaky anal sex. Angelo crams a dildo up Misha and Eden's assholes while sodomizing Sasha. The girls salivate as they give nasty, ass-to-mouth blowjobs. The freaky foursome features throat-pummeling fellatio, farting and excessive rectal gaping! Girls spank each other and share passionate tongue kisses. Angelo creams Misha with a cum facial. The hot girls swap spunk mouth-to-mouth!
Hazel Heart in HAZEL HEART 4 11:00
Hazel Heart in HAZEL HEART 4 11:00 Wonder Lez-powers ACTIVATE! The wait is over and let me introduce you to 18-year-old Hazel Heart! She is the other half of the Remi Jones (18 yo Virgin) super duper extra special LezFriends duo, and what a duo these two make. If you missed Remi's scorching lost Virginity scene last week you have to check it out. Her hour-long BTS, makeup and post interview will be released soon so check that thing out if you're into that shit. If you did see it Remi's video also included the car pickup & intro with a majority of Hazel edited out. But rest assured everyone's going to get the full Hazel treatment with today's update of the hotel sex. You will have to wait a few days for all the BTS, post interview and shower content in a BTS update that will follow soon. Yes LezFriend Remi's scene was almost 2 hours long and so is Hazel's so we are breaking hers also into 2 parts. Let us know your feedback on this format of breaking the scenes up between Hotel sex and BTS footage. Ok enough of that shit and more HAZEL please! Things start off with the girls being picked up by Jay and boy is he excited. Fuck I would be two if I was about to get may dick sucked by two barely legal girls and one of them has never even seen a real cock before. The anticipation is killing me and you will have to wait a few days to see I'm afraid to say. But it's worth it. Trust me. So you get a little taste of the car at the beginning and you're whisked away to the ExCoGi hotel room were super eager and horny Hazel awaits. This girl is so sweet and innocent looking it kills me. But don't let those shy eyes fool you. This girl is HORNY-AS-FUCK and ready to get it rough! "I like pussy, but occasionally I like it rough and usually the only ones that can go there are guys" confesses Hazel in that Fuck-Me-Now smile. "I like being submissive and letting guys have their way with me." Yeah we agree, there is no substitute for the real thing. A real cock attached to a real guy to give it to you right. Damn we love this girl. I love it, that's hot. So we barely get started and I see that Jay's cock is standing at attention so she just starts sucking it! Wait wait wait everyone. We are getting waaaaaaay ahead of ourselves here. Pull back the reins everyone. Pump those breaks we need to get to know this little tart a bit and we do. This is one of the most fuckable girls we have had on the ExCoGi hotel room bed in a long time. So how did super horny, extremely fuckable Hazel whined up here? Hazel was always a super good girl. Did what her parents told her. Got good grades. Was an honor role student with lets saaaaaay, very strict and controlling parents. I'm sure there is a lesson here but I hate to point out the obvious. Anyways you just want to fuck the shit out of and take control of this girl from the moment she walks into your line of sight she is that special. Trust me this is one eager beaver and we are eager to see Hazel with her full bush in full action. Hazel likes both girls and boys and we love this! There isn't anything about this girl we don't like and you wont either. Hazel is girlfriend material and as Jay said at the end of this scene "I've always wanted my GF to have a GF." So has everyone. This scene is fucking awesome with Hazel taking Jay's huge load in her mouth and she swallows it all, with a little gagging involved, but she does it all and asks for more. Again I'm not sure if all you perverted fucks out there deserve such a treat but here she is! HAZEL HEART everyone! Enjoy, Steve
Remi Jones in REMI JONES 2 10:59
Remi Jones in REMI JONES 2 10:59 Do we have a treat for everyone today! Meet 18 year old sweet, innocent? Super fucking hot Lez- Lovers Remi Jones (VIRGIN) and her 18 year old girlfriend Hazel Heart. Where do I begin? Well before I do let me just clarify that today is Remi's day. The intro and car sex is edited to focus on Remi. If you want to see more of Hazel's scorcher you need to see her scene that's coming out after Remi's. And it's worth it, trust me. Now that I've clarified that, let me say these girls are two of the cutest geeks I have ever meet and Jay's dick was hard as soon as they got in the car. We find out that they met 3 years ago Cosplaying and their friendship grew into love. I love this story and pussy does not come any fresher than these two. They even have untrimmed pussies and peach fuzz on their bodies. The fucking innocent, hot peach fuzz. Yeah... that's what I'm talking about. So we find out that Hazel was the initiator of the relationship and has a sex drive I don't think either Jay or myself have experienced in a long time. This girl appears to be frustratingly starved for cock. Why? Well they live at Hazel's parents' house. How innocent is that? They also share a bedroom with her younger sister! OMG! How really innocent is that? And yep, she keeps walking in on them lezzing out!!! My dick is getting hard as I type this shit. I couldn't think up a better story. So as Jay whisks these two fresh-as-fuck 1st timers away for the best sex of their lives he gets these two naked for one of the hottest car BTS porn-play shot to date here at ExCoGi. Yes, I know some will be frustrated that a majority of Hazel is edited out, but today's focus is on whom? The one in the backseat who has never seen, touched, sucked, held, fucked, or tasted a man's cock or cum before. YES Remi is a VIRGIN! Now we do find out that Hazel and her have fucked with a strapon before but Remi is taking this huge leap of faith with her girlfriend to expand her horizons. And let me say that Jay should be paying me for this experience. No doubt and Jay samples these two newbie's for some hot car and outdoor sex having Remi see, touch, stroke and suck her first cock ever! Now once I edited this scene down there was just so much fucking good content (3 hours worth) that I'm breaking Remi's scene into two parts. Today's is the car intro with her girlfriend and the hotel sex. This alone is 1h:58m worth of hot as fuck virginity lost sex and the BTS, makeup with interview, shower is over an hour long going up a few days after this scene. There's just too much good shit here to leave anything on the cutting room floor. As stated by Jay "I was not expecting you to suck dick this well". I second this! I might say this girl just needed a good cock to suck and a little interest from the boys to show her how good a stiff cock feels up her pussy but she found out today. Remi confesses that she had a few guy friends in the past growing up but they never showed must interest. Their loss I say because this girl is a natural. I guess all that pussy licking translates into dick sucking because she took Jay's cock down her throat like a pro. She likes to be dominated by girls so Jay found out if she likes being dominated by a man as well. Yep! She liked it from the smiles all over her face as Jay throat fucked her and once he probed that virgin hole she loved it even more. Let me also clarify that Remi has had a strap-on up her from Hazel but in her own words she likes a cock much better. "It just feels better with real skin." Dildos hurt more declared Remi and we agree that nothing compares to the real thing. I could give you a blow by blow of the positions but with each one Jay fucked her in you could tell Remi was just a little overwhelmed. But in a good way. We don't blame you sweetheart. Losing your virginity is a special time in a girl's life and we are glad we could be the one to take it from you. Oh and of course we kept her over to have a 3way with Hazel. These girls are special, sweet and I'm not sure your perverted fucks out there deserve this but get ready for a special treat. Here's REMI! Steve
Hazel Heart in HAZEL HEART ANAL 11:00
Hazel Heart in HAZEL HEART ANAL 11:00 I've always wanted my girlfriend to have a girlfriend. "We couldn't agree more Jay and if today's update was your girlfriend then wishes do come true. Today is the much anticipated return of fan favorite Remi Jone's super lez friend Hazel Heart's ANALing! Yes we don't bring back many girls for a second scene. It's even rarer we have girls return for a third scene, and having a girl return for a fourth scene is virtually something that almost never ever ever ever happens. But today you will see why Hazel is that special type of a girl that warrants it. Hell if her super sweet and innocent lover Remi was ready to take a cock up that tight little ass of hers she'd be another one to add to the list but lets all rejoice that Hazel is here to get her tail pipe cleaned. So we forgo most of the usual intro car stuff & interview since we already know all about Hazel. In fact let me just say go watch this scene. This girl hasn't done anal in years and she loved it today. She even did A2M for the first time and got DP'd with toys booya! As said directly from Hazel, "I'm definitely going to start including anal again in my life". We agree girl so go watch this sweet thing take it up the ass. It's sweet.
Angel Blue in ANGEL BLUE 11:00
Angel Blue in ANGEL BLUE 11:00 Are you still feeling the Christmas Spirit? Well we have just the thing to inject some spirit into you if you're not. It's Angel Blue fresh off the Casting Couch and she's returning for her second sex on camera with white boy director Jay. Yeah you know the story. She thinks she having sex with Jay but we have a very special present waiting back at the condo for her by the name of Isiah Maxwell. Ok she's been with one black guy before we find out but according to Angel he didn't live up the usual brotherly reputation we're all familiar with. Well... Isiah's here to restore that reputation and inject some brotherly love up that fine ass of hers and inject he does. But first the BBC surprise has to be set as Jay gets our unsuspecting little tramp naked in the car after picking her up and introduces her to the Magic wand. Yes, it's what every girl wants stuffed in her box, I mean stocking at Christmas time. Wink. So as Jay gets Angel acquainted with her new found best friend the wand, and his cock, we see that Angel is quite the outgoing girl that we all want to meet out at the local watering hole then take home for a fun filled four way with two of your best friends. Yes that happened to her, trust me this is one intro and get to know you that you don't want to miss. This girl's watering hole is plenty wet from the moment Jay said hello and the surprise is set. So once back Jay whisks our sex starved little wonder to the bedroom and asked her to get a towel from the bathroom. Yep SURPRISE! And Isiah wastes no time restoring that well-hung dark meat reputation by shoving his cock down her waiting throat and up those sweet holes of hers. This girl is down for anything, and I mean anything as Isiah goes straight for the back door and fucks her little asshole right there in the bathroom before taking the rest of his Christmas present on the bed. Listen, this is one fucking hot scene and well worth the price of admission. So sit back, grab your favorite lube boys, or sex toy girls because this is one intense analing and we hope you all enjoy it. So as Santa would say as he rides off on his slay. On throat fucking, on ass probing, on dick sucking, on pussy pounding, on whoring, on slutting, on debauchery and perversion; and Merry Christmas to ALL, and to ALL an ANALing night!
Anastasia Belle in ANASTASIA BELLE 11:00
Anastasia Belle in ANASTASIA BELLE 11:00 What’s this called if we get caught? Exhibitionism? Or maybe it’s indecent exposure? No, I actually think it’s a lewd act in public but this shit makes it more exciting and fun don’t you think? “If you make me feel safe, I’ll be your whore”, are the never truer words uttered from the sexy lips of today’s hot MILF Anastasia Belle. If you skip past the car intro you might think this woman has had it easy being so beautiful and lucky to fuck young stud JJay for some cool hard cash. But the past few months that lead up to today’s update are quite the opposite to say the least. You see Anastasia needs money badly, and you’d need money to if half the shit that happened to her happened to you. Just watch the interview if I’ve peaked your curiosity, but this girl needs sex and money badly and we’re more than happy to lend a helping cock. I have to say there’s something very sexy about a woman in her prime flying across the country to meet a handsome stranger, then feels comfortable enough to get naked within minutes of meeting then has hot fucking sex in his car with people walking by. Kinky!!! Yes Anastasia’s a hot fucking Milf who’s down for anything that Jay suggests today. She’s here also to take it up the ass and we love her adventuresome spirit, and that’s what matters. Anastasia does admit back at the condo that she wasn’t expecting the car shenanigans that took place and we didn’t expect her to say she had already been double penetrated either! This woman is full of surprises and the surprises keep coming. Anastasia divulges she likes to be stimulated and penetrated with lots of friction during sex. What woman doesn’t? Trust me, Jay fully stimulates and penetrates Anastasia today filling her pussy up with a huge load that she just giggles in amazement as it oozes out on the bed. If you love shy, adventurous super sexy women who take it up the ass and can’t wait to have hot sex with young strange men, then this is the video for you. Enjoy this Proud and Ready Milf!