Dana Vespoli, India Summers in India Summers: Gaping Lesbian MILF

It’s nice to walk around in a garden with an awesome atmosphere built around pleasant plants, flowers, lesbians doing some hardcore anal action, trees in the distance and other things that make a garden. One of gets featured in this scene by the one and only, Dana Vespoli and special guest, India Summers. The MILF gets the usual treatment. It starts with nice initial conversation and suddenly make a naughty turn when she takes off her clothes. Dana takes this as sign to have her way with her. When Summers takes everything off after showcasing her nice body, Dana, with the camera, comes closer to have a closer look on this MILF. She runs her fingers all around Summer’s body until she knew what she’s dealing with. Dana then pulls out TWO HUGE toys that meant to stuff Summers. Dana proceeds to do so. The bigger one goes inside Summers slowly while she gave Summers the other one to have her play with her own pussy. After that, Summers goes solo for a while when Dana decides to record her doing it herself. Dana then puts down the camera at the side, wanting to focus her full attention on Summer’s ass hole. Summers still goes at it with her own pussy while Dana was like a mad scientist that brings out various tools to go on an adventure on Summers’ ass. From behind, it looked like she’s doing some experiment on Summer’s bum. It was nice. No sign of resistance or struggle from Summers. In fact, it looked like she actually liked it. Knowing that, Dana does her business for a while until Summers came to satisfaction. When Dana was done, she left Summers there with her legs still up, waiting out the aftershocks of her cum. At this moment, Dana shows the audience the tools she used to further explain how awesome of an experience that is for them.

5 months ago