Namaste Overload

A recently-licensed yoga instructor, Musa Phoenix, is getting ready for his first class, and is pleasantly surprised when a group of women (Lolly Dames, Caitlin Bell, Dana Vespoli, Sophia West, Spencer Scott) show up. THESE women just so happen to be various influential people from within the community, so if this class goes well, he can be sure to get new clients through word of mouth. But these women aren't ONLY interested in yoga... ESPECIALLY when their instructor is as cute as he is... Musa is flustered but begins dutifully leading the yoga class. However, it's hard to concentrate since the women are fawning all over him. Soon enough, the horny women start boldly coming on to Musa, eventually convincing him to let them reverse gangbang him! But then they are interrupted midway through by a late arrival, Nick Strokes. He's stunned but when the women lustfully invite him to join in the fun as well, he's quick to throw aside his yoga mat and dive in.

3 months ago