Fuck)Dana Vespoli in Bree Daniels and Dana Vespoli Hot and Sensual Pussy Eating

It’s only proper to get to know the people you work with. It makes your working life a little easier and enjoyable. Bree Daniels and Dana Vespoli demonstrate one way to do it. Considering the industry they’re in, they have their own way to do it. The scene starts with Dana having her done and Bree walking around naked, as usual. After having their makeup on and hair done, they chat for a bit. And when they have their outfits on, they continued this conversation up until one point they thought that it’s a good idea to have a preliminary something-something. Sitting side by side on the couch, they start going at each other. They did a little touching at first and some light kissing and it turned into something wilder a little later. Bree ended up sitting on top of Dana, who is a also sitting down, while they kiss. They went deeper and deeper until they’re just basically sucking each other’s tongue. Dana was in the position where she was able to go alternately between Bree’s mouth and her tits. She did and it was nice. But their pussies need some attention too. So Bree gets off of her and lies on her back to let Dana handle things. As she spreads her legs, Dana goes for her pussy and starts licking the hell out of it. Dana went at it for a while until Bree decides that it’s Dana’s turn to have some. Bree sits straight up and gave Dana another round of smooches. Bree started from the top and worked her way to the bottom. From kissing her, Bree goes to Dana’s tits next and eventually, Dana’s pussy. She brings back the favor. Bree poured her into it so much that she ended up making Dana lay down on her back and her, being top doing all sorts of things that made Dana moan wildly. They went at it in this position until both of them are satisfied.

6 months ago