Maggie Green's watched some of her videos. "It's always surreal to see yourself. It's hot but I do get critical about myself. My man loved watching with me so that was sexy. We didn't have sex while watching them but I have masturbated to some." It's a major understatement to say that Maggie's come-and cum-a long way since she first modeled at SCORE. The sequence of pictures and videos at SCORELAND since 2009 tell the entire story. "I didn't want to do porn, meaning hardcore," Maggie said in 2009. "I was sort of naïve about the whole solo girl modeling. I didn't even think about that. I just knew I didn't want to do porn." Three years later: "I've been told I'm really good at sucking cock, and I love to do it, so I think if you really enjoy something and do it a lot, you're probably really good at it. That's my theory. Guys are always telling me I have good dick-sucking lips. I have a really long tongue, too. Did you guys ever notice that? I love spitting on the cock and playing with it and shoving it down my throat. It's fun. It really is fuckin' fun."

7 months ago