Maggie Green, Joslyn Jane, Nina Lopez in Break-In Attempt Suspect has to fuck his way out of prison

We got a call. A break in at the industrial office complex on Mainland and 3rd. We arrived on the scene and found that the back door was open so we entered and began inspecting the scene. We found the suspect in the back of the offices, he has two computer screens on his hands and he looked to be stealing them. We told him to freeze but the suspect ran into a back room and out some hallways. We gave chase and the suspect led us to the roof of the complex. We knew we had him cornered, so we split up and began scanning the roof. We found the suspect hiding behind some A/C units and we made an arrest. After we subdued the suspect. We patted him down and we found out that he had a big black dick. So we now know that he was armed, we had to inspect him thoroughly with our mouths. We sucked his dick and saw that his weapon was dangerous. So had to take him down and fuck that dick in order to save situation. Law and order was established when we look a load of his cum.

2 months ago