Marilyn in MARILYN10451

Hiya fappers, meet Marilyn. She's a sassy little summertime treat (notice the tan lines) with C cups so perky she's probably never owned a bra and an ass worthy of a rap video cameo. While popping and locking may be hot, here at ECG we go a little farther. We make sure that ass gets a good workout either with some extensive pounding in doggy or a long ride in reverse cowgirl. Marilyn gets both.Jay does a little behind the scenes and confronts her with the Rabbit. She's equally surprised and interested in how this device will treat her twat. (Spoiler alert, it makes her cum in about 20 seconds.) Marilyn opens up and shares some adorable details about her sex life including the fact that she refused to give her first boyfriend a hummer because she was nervous about her braces. (Note to any ladies: if you are worried about your teeth during a beej, you are SO doing it wrong. No teeth are ever involved in the job of blow, girls.) Fortunately all is forgiven when Marilyn gets to the actual blowjob. Her skills are impeccable. She teases her way around our man Jay and then swallows him to the base like it's the most natural thing in the world. It's truly a thing of beauty to watch a sexpot like Marilyn work a dick like an artist.Once our stunt cock is rock hard, he throws Marilyn on her back and pounds her with that trademark Jay jackhammer. Marilyn is completely into it, watch her face as pleasure washes over her. Take notice of the way she wraps her legs around Jay and tries to get every inch inside her. This is a girl who loves to fuck. After some doggy she gets into reverse cowgirl and while Jay drills her, she rubs her clit to a second orgasm.Yes, it's true our man Jay has given more facials than a discount Korean beauty parlor, but there's a very good reason for that. It's hot. It looks good. Seeing a pretty girl get decorated with a shotgun blast of semen is one of the very best things in the world. It's sensual and visceral and it makes a very good point in a very clear way: you earned it, missy, here it is. Our bleach blonde baby Marilyn earned it, she gets it, and you get to watch.

6 months ago