Nicole Love, Sofia Curly in The Pick Up Episode 1 - Sail Away

Busty babes Nicole Love and Sofia Curly meet on the river and are instantly attracted to each other, as episode one of Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian series "The Pick Up" begins. Wavy haired beauty Sofia entices Nicole to join her onboard her boat, and they travel to a secluded spot upriver. The moment they step ashore they begin to grope and kiss each other voraciously. Pushing her onto a blanket on the sand, Sofia bares Nicole’s perfect breasts and flicks her tongue over her stiff nipples. She takes off Nicole’s shorts, trailing her tongue down to her tight panties and lapping at her pussy through them. Tugging aside the panties, Sofia licks Nicole’s shaved slit avidly, before rolling her onto her front and burying her face deep between her ass cheeks. As Sofia intensifies her oral pleasuring, jolt after jolt of sexual electricity shoots through Nicole’s body. She whimpers with delight as Sofia relentlessly tongue drills her; as her climax kicks in, her body trembles and she slumps onto the sand, sated. Sofia strips and straddles Nicole’s pretty face, fondling her fantastic big breasts as she rocks steadily, her face a picture of arousal. Nicole holds Sofia’s juice-slick pussy lips open and licks her skilfully. Sofia grinds down harder, curvy body undulating and boobs jiggling as she orgasms. The gorgeous girls kiss, breasts pressed together, both utterly enamored.

6 months ago