Dressed under a chick and a blonde slut

Mr. naughty and his blonde girlfriend, a little man dressed like a bitch, the camera shoots, a video in the style of a fetish. The man is sitting, his face is not visible, he is wearing a white women's jacket and long stockings. The blonde bitch is squatting next to her, her face is visible, the stockings on the man are stroking the girlfriend. And the man spreads his legs, he is also wearing women's panties. And it can be seen through his underpants that the tower of the male is well worth it. Apparently, stroking a heifer, horseradish excites. And the end is taken out of the panties, the riser is actively caressed by the female hands (masturbates). The naughty moaning loudly and cum shoots, the orgasm is experienced. Interesting fetish, although overall the heat is not enough here.

2 years ago