Alexa Can I See Your Pussy

Jay Romero wants his digital device to help him find his remote but when he calls out his stepmom Alexa Payne thinks he's talking to her. Alexa offers to help Jay look for the remote. She flashes plenty of T&A before finding that Jay was sitting on it the whole time. Since it worked to get his stepmom to find the remote, he asks Alexa to get him a drink. Alexa plays along at first, although she pushes back a bit when Jay asks to see her tits. When she decides that sure she'll play his game, she pops those big ones out and then agrees to let him see and touch her pussy. Unwilling to stop now, Alexa agrees to suck Jay's dick. As soon as Alexa gets to her feet and slides her panties off her big booty, Jay knows he's made it. His stepmilf sinks down onto his dick and rides him in reverse cowgirl as those giant jugs bounce. Turning around, Alexa goes for a cowgirl ride before getting on her knees for a doggy style pussy pounding. When Alexa rolls onto her back, she splays out so Jay can bring her off and then pull out to cover her in cum. Jay's last command to Alexa is that she not tell his father!

2 months ago