Valery Summer, Kitty in Prison guard bitch 6:00
Valery Summer, Kitty in Prison guard bitch 6:00 In this jail prisoners are kept naked and shackled as we see inmate Kitty prancing her smooth svelte body around her cell. Her solitude is soon interrupted when guard Valery come to check on her with crop in hand. Valery wants a little amusement at the inmate’s expense as is customary in this jail. To put the prisoner in a dossal and cooperative mood, Valery warms up her ass with apple applications of the crop. Kitty is soon ready to do the guards bidding which starts off with pussy licking. Valery is not satisfied with her
Marilyn Johnson in Marilyn Johnson-CuckoldSessions 12:00
Marilyn Johnson in Marilyn Johnson-CuckoldSessions 12:00 Elias thought he finally had made it in life. He had always been a bit of a loser, especially with the ladies, but he did have parents with money so when he met a hot blonde who he thought liked him he got his mother to open up his trust fund and buy him a house for him and his new bride. His wife Marilyn told him she would only marry him if he bought her a nice house and she could quit her job at the nail salon. So he did. Well marital life is not so blissful because as soon as she had married him and moved in the cheating began. At first she would sneak out to do it. But he did not see it so he could look the other way. Even when she came home at night he could smell the drying semen encrusted on her panties and caked around her mouth. But now she has taken it a step further and actually demands he leave the house so she can have a lover over. No sirree. He is staying right where he is. His mom bought him this house so he is not going anywhere. Well fine, she says. Then you can watch cause I need a real man in my cunt. Soon a muscular MMA fighter comes strolling in and immediately Marilyn has his rock hard and massive cock in her mouth. Elias is powerless to do anything. Really what can he do. This big black man could kick his ass or perhaps do terrible prison style sexual things to him. No, it is the plight of the white man to just sit there and take the debasement and humiliation of his white wife being fucked in front of him. Oh and it is a fucking indeed that she takes. Moaning and writhing on that giant dark meat she is like a woman possessed. She hurls insults between orgasms as it is obvious the more he whines and cries the more she cums. Are his tears the lubricant of her pleasure? Then as she takes a facial of steaming hot semen all over her face she makes him lick it off so he can take her out to an expensive dinner. Will Elias also be treating her lover to a meal as well? Table for three.
Mina Leigh in Mina Leigh And Jenner Get Busy Behind Jail Cell 10:01
Mina Leigh in Mina Leigh And Jenner Get Busy Behind Jail Cell 10:01 Mina Leigh could not wait for the conjugal visit between her and her ex husband. As soon as she entered the room with her man he swept her off her feet and started roughly kissing her. She loved every second of it. She swiftly got on her knees and began sucking his enormous white cock. He played with her pussy while she sucked his cock like a pro. The sexual tension added up to them getting in the reverse cow girl position and her going to town. They switched to missionary shortly after and he took turns throat fucking her and fucking her pussy. The scene ends with Jenner blowing his load in Mina's tight little pussy.
Micky Bells in The Body Of Your Dreams 6:00
Micky Bells in The Body Of Your Dreams 6:00 Mickey Bells is a knockout, her low-cut blue top, laced up the front, and her tight, blue shorts can barely contain her ripe, voluptuous curves. She knows how to dress for success. Her hair in pigtails this time, looking like the girl-next-door, Mickey lowers her top to show how her bra keeps her 36J naturals in captivity. She's got to free them from this prison of cups and straps and let them dangle free.
Nina Elle in Mommy's In Prison 12:00
Nina Elle in Mommy's In Prison 12:00 Rion’s new stepmom Nina has been picked up by the cops and once again she calls on Rion to bail her out. She begs Rion to both pony up the bail money and not to tell his father, and is willing to buy his compliance with her bountiful rack and tight wet pussy.
Brooklyn Lee in The Avengers XXX - Scene 1 15:00
Brooklyn Lee in The Avengers XXX - Scene 1 15:00
Allison Avery in A Horny Blonde Fucks Out of Jail 10:00
Allison Avery in A Horny Blonde Fucks Out of Jail 10:00 A hot blonde parole is caught breaking the rules by her probation officer and rather than going back to prison she agrees to let him to anything he wants to her body. He starts off by just kissing her but it isn't long before he has her panties down and his tongue shoved deep in her ass and pussy. After a bit of oral fun he takes out his cock and plungs it balls deep inside her pretty pink pussy and fucks her while she lays on the couch. He then pulls out and fucks her tits before shoving it back in her shaved pussy. Right before he cums he pulls out to cum on her face.
Amber Moore in Coming Home 3 12:00
Amber Moore in Coming Home 3 12:00 Brad has been released from prison, and makes his way back to Amber, who has waited patiently for him. They don't waste a lot of time with small talk, as her big natural teen tits demand his attention. Her body is the best coming home gift he could ever receive, and it doesn't take him long to blast his load all over that juicy ass.
Lola Fae in Lola Fae-BlacksOnBlondes 11:59
Lola Fae in Lola Fae-BlacksOnBlondes 11:59 Seems Lola is involved in stealing checking account numbers and cashing fraudulent checks. Seems this petite girl fancies herself quite the criminal and loves treating her posse of user friends to expensive meals and party nights on stolen funds. Well guess what missy - the Dogfart plainclothes fraud division has caught up with you and justice is calling. Detectives Rico and Prince know how to deal with these type of troublemakers and soon have Lola confessing her crimes and pointing fingers at who is really behind it. Now for a stiff dicking to set her on the straight and narrow. The men pull out their massive black night sticks and start impaling her oral cavity. Horny for cock and fearful of prison Lola happily hunkers down on the meat poles and drools like a hungry dog. If there is one thing Lola likes as much as stolen money it's big cock stiffening in her mouth and stretching out her throat. Soon Prince and Rico are pounding her pussy like a training partner for Mike Tyson. One after another they take turns driving justice deep into her dirty thieving dripping fuck hole. Lola is in pig heaven as she squirts and cums all over the floor as her body heaves in orgasmic bliss. Soon she is rewarded with a face full of jizz spew and left to stew in the mess she has made.
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Cecilia Vega in Cecilia Vega: Momma Likes The Bad Boys 9:53 Hot and horny MILF slut Cecilia Vega has a type. This petite all natural MILF loves the bad boys. Her tight pussy drips at the thought of being passed around by rough and dirty men. She knows her purpose loves every second of it. This brunette cougar is made to take cocks in her tight asshole and pussy. Double penetration is a must for Cecilia Vega. One cock will barely due anymore. When this horny French mommy starts to get going, the men better deliver. Cecilia Vega is an all natural brunette MILF. She struts her stuff and teases the men. Two men playing a game and pretending to be prisoners for the horny older woman. Cecelia Vega is turned on by the thought of two rough bad boys breaking out of prison to have their way with her slutty body. She seduces the men and prepares for the role play fantasy to get underway. The men are released and grab the MILF. Her body can barely wait for what is to come next. She needs to feel a big hard cock in her tight asshole and pussy at the same time. These bad boys are just what the MILF craves. The men put Cecilia Vega on her knees. She sucks two cocks at the same time. The MILF swaps her throat back and forth between the men allowing them to deepthroat her to the max. She gags and spits over both big hard cocks. Now they are ready to fill her up. The men ease into her pussy. Cecilia Vega is tight. She opens her wet hole for the bad boys and is soon ready to be pounded from both ends in the hardcore threesome. They are not as easy on her asshole. Cecilia is bent over and with no hesitation, she is fucked anal deep and hard. The horny French whore cries in excitement. She loves the feeling of a big cock in her asshole and pushes back to feel it deeper. This motivates her second lover to shove his cock in her open and dripping pussy. Cecelia Vega loves the double penetration. She has real orgasms over and over while the men pound into her ass and pussy at the same time. Taking two men is a breeze for Cecelia Vega. It goes to show that MILF's can certainly do it better.
Noname in Hardcore anal sex in a prison 11:59
Noname in Hardcore anal sex in a prison 11:59 When this little slut least expected it, she got fed some big juicy cock up her smelly back door as that is the only hole that is still tight enough
Adira Allure in Adira Allure-BlacksOnBlondes 3 12:00
Adira Allure in Adira Allure-BlacksOnBlondes 3 12:00 Adira had been at a party last weekend and she knew the guys at the house had a lot of goodies hidden in the safe in the upstairs room. So she devised a plan. She would sneak up there when they were all sleeping and grab what she needed and nobody would know. They would just assume it happened at the party. She would get out scot-free and go show off with her party friends. Such a brazen plot for this slightly deranged blonde. So Adira dressed all in black and tossed on a mask cause that's what cat burglars do and climbed up onto the second story balcony and ever so quietly snuck in through the window. Just as fate would have it as she was about to pick the lock on the closet door, one of the homeys' was exiting the toilet and caught her in the act. Yelling "stop thief" the rest of the household was alerted and this naughty thief was running for her life. Can Adira get away? Will the homies nab her? Unfortunately for Adira she ran right into the arms of one of the men and was quickly caught. Oh no - what will happen to our little heroine now? Will they kick her ass? Will they call the police? Is this the end of our party girl? Unmasked and caught red handed, Adira quickly thinks on her feet. She explains it was just a prank. She wanted to get their attention cause she wanted some big black cock. See guys, it was all just a prank. Huh? Fuck that makes about as much sense as anything and soon three enormously large ebony dongs are pulled out and dropped in her face where she quickly gets to sucking. You see, Adira is no dummy. She's had to suck a lot of cocks in her life to get her out of jams. When you are young dumb and blonde living in the big city it kind of becomes second nature. Slobbing and bobbing on the man root shoving into her drooling pie hole Adira gets down to what she does best - using her womanly assets to get through life. Soon her pussy is invaded by a rigid and angry cunt duster as she is facefucked from the other side. Spit roasted and pulverized she is in her natural element. Stuffed full of cock and being used as a human pump and dump station. She's done a bad thing so one must offer up the anal in these situations. No different than a snitch in prison - that asshole must make payment and reparations. Once those cocks start entering her brown eye it is game on for this piglet who needs the sweet blistering friction of a double penetration drive by to really take the edge off. With cocks filling her airtight she almost starts to believe she really did come over to get fucked and not to steal anything. Yeah you believe that blondie. Whatever helps you sleep at night. The only thing it looks like it cost Adira today was just a little bit more of her dignity but that's a small price to pay for how good being a slut makes her feel. Holes blasted out and drenched in sweat, Adira squats in feeding position and gets a facial blasting of jizz juice as all is forgotten and forgiven. Shine on you crazy diamond.
Maya Kendrick in My Dad, Your Dad #02 _1 7:29
Maya Kendrick in My Dad, Your Dad #02 _1 7:29
Ria Sunn, Anna Polina in A Well-Run File 10:52
Ria Sunn, Anna Polina in A Well-Run File 10:52
Lulu Chu, Nicole Kitt in Wait For Me 15:00
Lulu Chu, Nicole Kitt in Wait For Me 15:00 After Lulu Chu escapes from prison, the only thing she has on her mind is seeing her ex-girlfriend, Nicole Kitt. Nicole, however, has moved on and is living with her new boyfriend, Zac Wild, which Lulu discovers after sneaking into her home and witnessing them being intimate. The heartbroken convict will not let this deter her however, planning on getting her ex-lover back at any cost... and she doesn't want to share her with anybody.
Old lawyer seduced by young client Renata Black inside cell 8:00
Old lawyer seduced by young client Renata Black inside cell 8:00 Poor girl, she is in jail, behind those cold bars, in that boring, grey cell, no way to have a little fun. She receives a visit form her lawyer, but she is a dangerous criminal so the policeman handcuffs her, hands behind her back, against the cold bars. When he sees her so helpless and hot, the lawyer's dick starts tickling him in his pants. So he has to take care of that itch; the best place to scratch is the inside of her pussy. In 69 she strokes her pussy lips on his tongue, mending herself good and hard. A lawyer's fuck in doggy style is exactly what she needed. Her pussy is served some nice justice and her throat a full load of hot sperm!
Blonde Lola Reve receives rough fucks from horny inmates 14:07
Blonde Lola Reve receives rough fucks from horny inmates 14:07