We like a good challenge over here at HMF, and this girl was a tough nut to crack for sure. The best juice is always worth the squeeze and we had to keep reminding ourselves of this as our girl, Ellie, was a bit aloof and didn’t seem to want to get into the swing of things right away. Right off the bat she can’t seem to stop touching this newly done make up! Yes, those are your eyelashes now girl! Rest assured, we will get that Ellie-juice a’ flowing and sometimes the best way to kick those nerves is to plop a veiny fat one into her mouth and get that Hitachi rumbling on her cute little vajayjay. There's that smile! It doesn’t take all that long for some creamy white goodness to start trickling out of her and Tyler scoops that up to give her a taste of her own product. This ride has more twists and turns than Six Flags Magic Fucking Mountain, so let's ride out the highs and lows and watch this sexy little butterfly emerge from her cocoon a newly FUCKED OUT woman!

1 month ago