Sawyer Right Swipes the Dick

Sawyer Kelly was minding her own business when the famous white van stopped next to her and the guys were asking obnoxious questions. These days you can’t romance a girl with just talking. You need to make the money talk. So they gave her $200 just for talking. $500 to see her beautiful small tits. And a $1000 for her panties. Those are number that can convince girls. So they convinced Sawyer and Tony Rubino showed her his dick picks. Would she swipe left or right? She went for the real thing and sucked his dick in no time. Then they fucked. His dick was way too big for her tiny pussy. She had trouble taking it. But she was a trooper. So they fucked and sucked in all possible positions while the bus was driving through bumps. In the end Tony shot his cum all over her face.

4 months ago