Melissa's Pose Attracts Black Cobra

Melissa just wants to be hot and do her yoga in peace. It was going that way until her roomate Jonathan sees her perfect ass in downward dog as he comes out of the shower. Lust is all he can think about now. If only this was a porn, what would they do? Rip those yoga pants open and dive in. Jonathan decides Melissa is too hot and worth risking it all, so he goes for it. He sneaks up behind her and rips her leggings wide open, exposing her beautiful pussy and asshole. Melissa is shocked at first and asks him what was he was thinking. He tells her he was in a lust trance from how perfect her body is. She asked him what is he going to do now, and he face plants in her ass. She is so turned on by his brazenness, that she wants to see what she does to his dick. He pulls it out and now he is not the only one in a lust trance. Amazed by how big it is, she just has to suck it. Jonathan then starts to realign her chakras with his dick. He gives her a good fucking like her perfect body deserves. She wants him to use her like she is his fuck doll until his balls are empty. They both can agree being roommates is the best decision of both their lives.

4 months ago