Greener on the Other Side

Ameena lands a fantastic babysitting gig, and when she sees how rich her client is, she’s green with envy. She knows she must go after his riches immediately. She wants to clean house and take everything she can in a few short months of work, guaranteeing her future with lavish clothes and endless chill time. But Ameena is not nearly subtle enough, and within maybe half an hour of her first sitting job, Ryan is on to her schemes. When Ryan finds out Ameena has already stolen money from the house, he threatens to call the police. However, Ameena has other ways of reaching her end goal, such as a more “hands-on” approach, if you will. She gets right on her knees and whips out Ryan’s cock. She’s going to give him the best blowjob he’s ever had so that he forgets all about the money she took. Ameena knows she can get Ryan to submit one way or another, but now it’s evident she’ll have to use her sexual prowess to get him to bend to her will. Ryan is immediately smitten by Ameena’s cock sucking skills and her cute, sweet, petite body, and her not-so-innocent charm. In the bedroom, Ameena lets Ryan fuck her as hard as he likes. She’ll give up her pussy anytime if it means she can live an opulent lifestyle. Ryan hasn’t fucked a hot younger chick like Ameena in a long time, and Ameena can tell Ryan loves how her pussy feels. She climbs on top, and Ryan goes all out, fucking Ameena roughly and going in as deep as he can. Ameena thrusts against his cock and rides him until she has an intense orgasm - her voice quivers as she comes to her climax. When he can’t hold his load any longer, Ryan cums on Ameena’s asscheeks, letting every last drop drip down to coat Ameena with a hot, sticky mess. She revels in the moment, admiring her new boss’s ability to provide the dick down and thinking about all the money she’s going to make from her new job.

3 months ago