Submissive and Breedable

Katie makes herself fully available for Donnie. She lights candles near the bedside, adorns herself in black lacy lingerie, and blindfolds herself. This isn’t just another typical romp in the sheets. Katie wants Donnie to cum deep inside of her so that she is guaranteed to carry his seed. She wants to look as submissive and breedable as possible, so she sprawls out on the bed and gives into him entirely, letting him play the role of the master, one who can dominate her completely and relentlessly. Her pussy is ready for his hot load, and she can feel herself getting more and more excited to get filled. Her heart is racing and the thought of having a little bump for a belly is enough to get the sweat going. Not to mention, it makes for incredible sex. Knowing he doesn’t have to pull out is making Donnie fuck her even harder. He’s going to give her everything he’s got and savor every second of feeling Katie’s pussy raw. When he finally shoots his load, Katie lifts her lower back in the air to make sure the semen travels deep inside. Five months later, she’s carrying his seed and couldn’t be any happier. She just may let guys breed her all the time.

3 months ago