My Boss’ Cock

Katie loves her boyfriend but the guy doesn’t satisfy her sexually as he should. The poor ginger girl has to look for ways to please herself without hurting him. Her latest fantasy is doing stuff with her boss Kyle, an enigmatic and mature figure who doesn’t really pay any attention to her. However, there’s a big turn of events when he catches her playing with her pussy after going around his gym clothes. In that moment of extreme vulnerability, Kyle decides to show the girl what true men do and offers her his cock. Katie is astonished to see such a huge boner, but she’s afraid of hurting her boyfriend, so she just plays with the tip. Soon, Kyle is fucking the mouth of a horny Katie who just can’t get enough of his dick. It is the biggest one she's ever seen and she isn’t sure it will fit in her pussy, but now that she has tasted it, she just can’t let the opportunity go get stuffed by her boss.

2 months ago