A Small Valentine’s Day Problem

Eric can’t wait to surprise his girlfriend, Angel, for Valentine’s Day. They’ve been going steady for about two months now, and he’s beyond excited to show her some extra attention for the lovely holiday. Angel goes off the deep end when she sees all of the Valentine’s decorations. How could Eric forget that Angel loathes Valentine’s Day with a deep and brutal passion? This capitalist holiday is nothing more than a money grab, and the “love” Valentine’s Day purports is nothing more than shameless consumerism - you know the pussy must be good. Eric is caught off guard by her over-the-top reaction. As Angel punches the innocent teddy bear, Eric admits he just wants to get laid. Angel wonders why Eric didn’t say so in the first place because the only thing she wants for Valentine’s Day is cock. With that established, Angel gets right to sucking Eric’s cock. For a tiny chick, she sure knows how to take on a big cock. Once Angel has taken out some of her frustrations blowing Eric, she wants her boyfriend to fuck her hard. Eric positions the sweet petite babe on the couch and pounds her pussy. She lifts her legs up so Eric can get as deep as possible. A Good dick down is the Valentine’s Day gift she’d been hoping for, and her dripping wet pussy is especially thankful to Eric. When he can’t hold it any longer, Eric gets Angel on her knees so he can bust a big load in her mouth. She takes every drop Eric can give her. It may not be the most conventional, but this could easily become their new Valentine’s tradition

3 months ago