There Is No One Like Haley

Haley wants to be a star more than anything in the world. She has a loyal fanbase on her socials already, but it’s small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. Haley is looking for more than a few thousand eyes on her - she needs the entire world to see how brightly she shines. Her fantasy could become a reality when she gets a call from Mazee the Goat, a powerful influencer who can help her rise to the top. The date is set, and Haley will soon meet Mazee. He is an intimidating figure and has a captivating spell over Haley immediately. Taking one look at her, Mazee knows he can help Haley become the celebrity she wants to be. But it won’t come easy. If Haley is going to be a star in this town, she’ll need to fuck her way to the top. Willing to go as far as it takes, Haley happily submits herself to Mazee. Haley already sucks and fucks like a pro and effortlessly takes every inch of Mazee’s BBC. Although she is there to get her name out there, Haley is having a lot of fun messing around with Mazee. He fills her pussy up and fucks her hard until he is about to climax. When he cums, he coats Haley’s sweet face with a massive load.

3 months ago