A Guided Threesome

Haley had so much fun fucking Dan, Suzane’s husband, that she came back for a second round. The horny blonde is ready for more action, but Suzanne wants to shake things up this time and go for what she calls a “spiritual threesome” to enhance the experience. For this occasion, Suzanne also wants to play, so she kisses Haley gently and fully undresses her before Dan comes in. With his cock out, Suzanne holds her husband's boner for Haley to savor, and she ensures not any inch goes unsucked. After a guided blowjob and some extra kissing, Haley is eager to feel some meat inside of her. Suzanne agrees, and holds her from behind, helping Dan fuck Haley while enjoying the moment too. With Haley’s pussy stuffed, Suzanne enjoys how her husband plows Haley, knowing that this makes Dan super horny, building up some juicy load to release over their guest’s face.

3 months ago