Keep on Truckin’ Keep on Fuckin'

Violet and Violet miss their stepdaddies with a burning passion. It’s been a while since they’ve seen them, given their stepdads are always on the road, truckin’ and living the American dream. When the Violets get a chance to see their stepdads, they set up an outdoor picnic. Juan and Nicky are exhausted but just as excited to see their stepdaughters. As the picnic unfolds, Nicky gets a clear view up his stepdaughter’s skirt and admires her panties. Neither Nicky nor Juan fucked a lot on the road, so they’re feeling extra horny. They miss getting pussy, and their stepdaughters are incredibly hot. After working on many long hauls, Juan and Nicky’s bodies are also stiff and tense. The girls offer their stepdads massages to ease some of the tension. This massage ends up turning on the guys even more, and now they’re both hot for their stepdaughters. The crew moves inside, where Juan and Nicky offer to massage the girls as a return favor. Neither Violet is sure about getting a massage from their own stepdad, so Juan and Nicky propose a swap. It’s still a little weird for both Violets, having their bodies rubbed and caressed by each other’s stepdad. But it feels nice - especially when they get to rubbing their tits. The girls know it’s a bit inappropriate and certainly something they’d never be able to tell anyone. But it was also sort of exciting, doing something so taboo. Things get even more intense when Juan and Nicky stand up and pull their cocks out. Each Violet is shocked, unsure of what to do. Still, they’re extremely turned on by the situation. They’d never thought about blowing their stepdads, but now, with their cocks in their face, the idea seems all too enticing. So Violet and Violet start blowing Juan and Nicky. It’s a sensation beyond translation, and getting their dicks sucked by hot young chicks who happen to be each other’s stepdaughters only adds to the excitement. Things quickly escalate, and the Violets soon find themselves getting fucked hard. Both girls love getting railed but think it would be even more fun to get fucked by their own stepdad, so they switch. The sex is even more taboo now, and it’s enough to make Juan and Nicky want to cum right away. But they withstand the urge and fuck harder until they can’t hold their loads any longer. The men bust massive loads on their stepdaughter’s faces. The girls then swap cum and kiss one another passionately.

4 months ago