You Can Party at Home

Maya and Melody want to attend a St Patrick’s Day house party, but their stepdads Charles and Donnie won’t allow them to. The girls are dressed provocatively and they know how boys will try to take advantage of them, so they put their foot down. After the girls beg them, they all come to a compromise: Charles and Donnie will test them to make sure they are responsible and won’t get themselves into any trouble. If the girls pass, then they can go. First, there’s a dancing test. Maya and Melody need to bust some moves that won’t get other boys horny. To teach them, the men hold them tight and dance with them. The girls hate it, but they suddenly discover the guys’ big bulges, something they never sensed before. Up next, the stepfathers take them to their room and start rubbing their pussies. The girls are shocked, but also aroused by the situation, eager to see what Charles and Donnie do next. Going to the party is no longer an option, but they might as well have a little fun of their own with their stepdads’ cocks.

2 months ago