Close Encounter of the Threesome Kind

Nicky is a stargazer to the umpteenth degree. He loves satellites, constellations, cosmos, intergalactic space dust, and everything in between. His stepsisters, Nia and Serena, couldn’t care less about space and instead always have cock on their minds. They wish their virgin stepbro would get his head out of the cosmic clouds and pay attention to them more. They’re constantly wearing skimpy pajamas to get his attention, but he never seems to pay any mind. One night, the girls devise a plan. They’ll get Nicky to gaze at their tits and clits through his favorite telescope. He sees planets and figures he’s never seen before. He is amazed at how diverse and beautiful the universe can be, and he’s also feeling oddly horny. Meteor showers have never given him a hard-on before, but for whatever reason, he was feeling turned on while looking through his telescope. He puts the device down only to realize he’s staring right at his stepsister’s pussy. He is completely flabbergasted - his stepsisters have bamboozled him. When they pull down his shorts and grab his cock, he doesn’t mind so much. Maybe a break is just what he needed, and if that break includes a blowjob from his stepsisters, all the better. Nia and Serena share Nicky’s cock, taking turns putting his shaft in their mouths. He pushes his cock as deep as it will go in their mouths and lets them suck until he blows his load. Unfortunately for Nia and Serena, Nicky goes right back to stargazing, leaving their pussies wet and unattended. So they go back to the drawing board to devise another scheme to capture his attention. Later on, the girls dress up like slutty aliens. They’re both thick and curvy in their skimpy tops and their fishnets. Nicky is stunned to see them and forgets all about his telescope when they start playing with his cock again. It’s their turn to be satisfied, and now that they’ve seen Nicky is packing big meat, both girls want a turn getting fucked. The out-of-this-world threesome is one they’ll never forget. Nicky gets to fuck both of his stepsisters, and Nia and Serena take turns eating each other out. It’s a completely taboo and fucked up situation, but that only adds to the intensity. The girls had wanted Nicky to fuck them for a long time now, and with it finally coming to fruition, it felt as though all their pent-up sexual tension was being released at once. Nicky busts his load above Nia’s pussy. Serena wants a taste and scoops up some for herself. The three stepsiblings bathe in the moment, letting their wild threesome wash over them. Nicky is seeing a whole new set of stars - ones that he hopes he’ll see again.

3 months ago