Fucking my Idol

Rocket Powers is an acclaimed musician. His life is completely public, so he is used to receiving journalists at home, yet no one caught his attention like Cherry Kiss, a vivacious blonde with an astounding figure. The busty milf writes for a rock magazine and wants to interview him, yet as soon as she comes through his door, the two start flirting with each other. The interview goes smoothly and they really hit it off. After having admitted to being a fan, the bold journalist tries to uncover every secret of her idol. Cherry hears everything Rocket has to say and giggles, but her eyes cannot oversee the rockstar’s huge pack between his legs. When Rocket asks her what she’s up to, she tells him she feels she’s missing something important. The two start making out and go back to the couch to uncover one of Rocket’s biggest secrets: his gigantic black cock! After some passionate pussy play, the guy reveals his huge dick to Cherry, who can’t contain herself and stuffs her mouth with it. The milf gags on Rocket’s big black cock and makes the artist feel the warm sensation of blood rushing into his boner. Now in the bedroom, Cherry gives Rocket a feetjob, making that massive meat even harder. Looking as firm as ever, Rocket gently introduces his dick inside of Cherry, only to push harder and harder by the second. Cherry’s pussy eats up Rocket's cock and bounces on it, moaning desperately with the satisfaction of riding her idol’s dick–her biggest wet dream!

3 months ago