The House Bunny Part 1: Fucking Like a Lady

The House Bunny (Part 1 of 3): Bunny finds herself in a sticky situation when her sugar daddy kicks her out of the house due to her age. Bunny is still a spry and horny babe with a lot to offer the world, but Evan doesn’t see it that way. Now, Bunny is forced to look for work elsewhere. She finds herself applying to help a sorority of girls. But these girls aren’t necessarily the popular girls at school. It’s up to Bunny to teach Maya, Charlotte, and Jade how to fuck like a lady so that they’ll have no trouble getting attention from boys. Bunny brings in Joshua for a demonstration and lets the young stud pound her pussy hard. This sexy lesson is just the first instance of Bunny’s impact on the lives of Maya, Charlotte, and Jade - their next adventures will be far kinkier and more taboo!

2 months ago