Curvy Workout

It’s hard not to stare when the bodacious Suki Sin works out. The curvaceous milf shakes her round ass and delicious tits while exercising, and Nicky can’t look away. Suki knows all eyes are on her, so she continues to bounce that booty until Nicky just can’t help it anymore. It’s time to turn this routine into a hot fuck sesh! Nicky exercises his tongue by licking Suki’s scrumptious nipples while sticking his hand inside her wet pussy. Suki responds by giving him one hell of a blowjob, eating his dick like a popsicle. It’s finally time to do some squats on that hard shaft, so Suki bounces on the young stud’s boner to really make him sweat. After fucking in every corner of the gym, Nicky paints Suki’s face white with his creamy load, making her promise they will do this more often.

3 months ago