The Best Babysitter Around

Ryan always relies on Alexis to help him out. She’s the best babysitter by a mile, and Ryan’s life would be a nightmare without her. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a gorgeous young thing. Ryan constantly finds himself admiring her body, wondering what it would be like to reach out and touch her. He dreams of caressing her slender body, fitting her perfectly perky tits in his mouth, and tasting the succulent juices from her pussy. Ryan gets the sense that she might feel the same way about him. He sees the way she looks into his eyes tenderly as if suggesting she wants Ryan to take her by the waist and whisk her away to the bedroom. But Ryan is a married man and an esteemed medical professional. To mess around with a younger woman, especially one he has a working relationship with would be totally taboo. Still, he can’t help but desire her. One day, Ryan is caught off guard when Alexis asks for a quick physical exam. She claims she’s been experiencing chest pains and could use his opinion. She unbuttons her top and places Ryan’s hand between her breasts. Alexis is nervous about making such a bold move, but she’s wanted Ryan for a long time. She moves his hand so that he is cupping one of her breasts, and she gives him a look that undeniably tells Ryan his suspicions regarding her attraction toward him are true. Ryan is unsure of what to do. He is extremely turned on by what is occurring and wants Alexis even more. Now, he is at a crossroads with her practically giving herself to him. She promises it will be a secret and that his wife will never know. It’s not as if she is ever home, anyway, and it’s likely been a while since Ryan has fucked. The temptation proves too great for Ryan, and his lust for Alexis takes full hold. She feels up his stiffening cock underneath his pants and shows that she is equally as turned on. They move upstairs to the bedroom, where Ryan can take Alexis entirely. He caresses her beautiful, petite body, rubbing her pussy and her clit so she gets nice and wet. The sensation is miraculous for both of them - they can feel the sexual tension that has been building for years, mounting and coming to its climax. Alexis sucks Ryan’s cock. It fits perfectly in her mouth, and blowing him is even better than she had dreamed. She was finally in Ryan’s bed, pleasuring him the way she’d always wanted. Their passion grows, and Ryan can’t hold off any longer. He needs Alexis’s pussy more than anything in the world. He fucks the young babe hard, lifting her leg and going as deep as possible. Her juices coat his cock and balls, and he continues to thrust himself deep inside of her, savoring every second and doing everything in his power not to cum. It’s a moment they wish could last forever, but soon, Ryan finds himself on the verge of erupting. Alexis wants his load all over her face, so she sucks his cock until he explodes. Ryan shoots ropes of hot steamy cum all over Alexis’s face. She is in heaven as each pump gives her another shot to enjoy. This fuck sesh is unlikely to be their last, as they’re both infatuated with one another’s bodies - it will forever be their naughty secret.

3 months ago