Cum Together, Stay Together

Mira is sick of watching her stepmom and stepdad flirt around the house. Mike and Essie are a bit grabby and aren’t shy about affection around the home, but Mira’s attitude seems odd. Essie talks with Mira and discovers that Mira and her boyfriend recently split. What’s worse is Mira’s ex never ate her pussy. Essie is shocked and appalled that a guy wouldn’t eat a pussy as perfect as her stepdaughter’s. When Mike overhears pussy eating talk, his ears perk up, and he jumps right into the action. Essie and Mike want to show Mira all the fun she’s been missing, so Mike starts by eating out Essie before moving to his stepdaughter’s pussy. The new sensation is wild to Mira - not to mention the fact that the person eating her out is her stepdad. Mira seems to know it’s slightly fucked up and wrong, but seeing how turned on Mike and Essie are rubs off on Mira, and she gives in to the fantasy entirely. Mike shows Mira all the tricks any good guy should know and eats out Mira while he fingers Essie. Later, Mira wants a bit more stepfamily affection, so she initiates another risque fling in the living room. Essie and Mira suck Mike’s cock, sharing his shaft and making sure to fit his cock as far down their throats as they can. Once the chicks are dripping wet, they want Mike to fuck them hard. The threesome is beyond sensational, and the girls make sure to share Mike’s cock, all while keeping themselves satisfied and continuing to please each other. Essie sucks on her stepdaughter’s perfect tiny tits and rubs Mira’s clit while she rides Mike’s dick. While Mike fucks Essie, Mira lies beneath her stepdad, licking and sucking his balls. Mike cums hard on Essie and Mira’s face, coating them in a hot sticky mess. The babes share a cummy kiss, ready to do it all again soon!

3 months ago