Something to Hump

Austin is annoyed at Macy, his little stepsister who is constantly stealing his stuff. One day, the boy can’t find his pillow, so he searches for it in Macy’s room, only to find her humping it. Aroused, the step-siblings end up masturbating together in secret. The next day, Austin notices that Macy has stolen another one of his pillows, but this time, he offers her to hump his cock instead. Just when Macy is about to stuff her pussy with it, their parents come home so the two rush to hide what they were doing. That night, Macy goes to her stepbrother’s room and confesses her need to finish what they started. She also keeps stealing Austin’s stuff because she has a crush on him, so the step-siblings finally get to conclude the horny fuck sesh they both were secretly yearning for.

3 months ago