Concept: Clamazon #2

What’s up, Mylf lovers? We’ve got a fun Labs update, so let’s jump right into the mix. For this experiment, we’re revisiting a scene we published on November 16th, 2023. The first “Clamazon” video did quite well, with fans admiring the smoking hot babes playing together. Clamazon is a concept where horny milfs receive instructions on how to use sex toys. These toys bring them greater orgasms, and watching them learn feels very taboo and fun. But as you’ll see, Clamazon also gladly delivers toys for men. We have a fantastic new pair of babes lined up for Clamazon #2. We think this experiment could be a long-term hit, and we hope you enjoy it, too. As always, the more you comment, the more effectively we can craft these experiments. In this episode, Bobbi is the trainer for the new Clamazon recruit, Macy. Macy is chipper and ready to live up to the Clamazon promise. They prepare an order for Sergeant Miles and his wife and head over to his house. Miles is so excited to see a busty milf and a sweet young babe at his door. They offer him a product tutorial, which Miles accepts. The babes get right to work explaining each toy and its use. The tutorial starts innocent enough but takes a spicy turn when Macy and Bobbi pull their shorts and undies down. Miles is a bit shocked but certainly intrigued - this full-service tutorial could get very interesting. Bobbi uses Macy’s pussy to show Miles how he’ll want to use the toys on his wife. Seeing a practical example helps a lot, and Miles can feel himself getting smarter (and hornier). Then, the babes show Miles a toy for him. They get on their knees and begin to pleasure Miles, using the toy to stimulate his cock, and sucking his dick in between pumps. To really amplify things, Bobbi and Macy let Miles fuck them so he can see how the toys might function in a real-world scenario. Although he’ll never be able to tell his wife about this, Miles is feeling confident about this purchase and will certainly be using Clamazon again.

3 months ago