You Can Have My Stepbro If You Share

This season on Lil Sis we're running a love your family hotline hosted by love coach Alex Coal. Today's caller is Macy Meadows. Macy wants to know how to navigate a friendship after a sexual encounter with herself, her friend Lana Smalls, and her new stepbrother Nathan Bronson. Lana had been hanging around a lot more since Nathan came into the picture. Eventually Lana asked Macy how she'd feel if she tried dating Nathan. Macy didn't understand her own feelings, so she said yes. Alex guides Macy through her conflicted feelings as Macy describes how she'd watch them making out while she masturbated. Then, Macy goes on, one day she walked in on Lacy and Nathan doing more than just making out. She opened the door and pretended to be surprised and outraged at what she saw. When Lacy asked Macy not to tell, Macy agreed as long as she could join them. To her surprise, Lana and Nathan agreed. Next thing Macy knew, she was embroiled in a threesome. The girls took turns sucking Nathan's dick and then sharing his body as Macy rode his mouth and Lana rode his dick. Then Macy got a doggy style pussy pounding as she ate Lana out. On her back, Lana pulled Macy onto her mouth to feast on that cooch as Nathan slammed home. They ended with Macy on her back, enjoying one last pussy pounding until Nathan pulled out to cover her in his love. Now on the phone with Alex, Macy confesses she doesn't know how to share. Alex encourages clear communication of her wants and needs, and even a schedule if necessary as they conclude their call.

2 months ago