Be Nice to our Host

Vanessa and her stepdaughter Jane arrive at the Airbnb for their fun vacation and meet Vince, their handsome host. He charged them a pretty penny for the room and he explains it’s because he tends to adjust the prices according to his mood: when he’s happy, he gives good discounts! Vanessa is worried that her snarky stepdaughter might ruin the whole deal, so she teaches Jane a lesson on how to be nicer to people. Vanessa explains to Jane the perks she can get while treating people nicely, and proceeds to rub her pussy to make her feel comfortable. A little tongue on her stepdaughter’s snatch is enough to convince her to do hot stuff with Vince. Invited to join him in the hot tub, Vince gets treated to a stepmother-stepdaughter threesome, getting his cock swallowed and winning a free pass to pound his guests’ pussies whenever he wants as long as they can stay and enjoy the amazing mansion.

3 months ago