Extramarital Fun

With her husband away on a business trip, the scrumptious Emily Jade feels horny and lonely. However, the vivacious vixen can’t just wait for him to come back. She needs action and she won’t stay put. She also loves her husband, so the slender blonde decides to write him a letter. In it, she reminds him about that time she checked out a guy at the gym. Emily chooses to play that card and invites Ryan, the guy from the gym, to do a different kind of exercise. Emily only has eyes for her husband, but she always wondered what it would be like to try a different dick. Dressed in a scorching hot red dress, Emily welcomes Ryan on her bed, revealing her lustful intentions instantly. Ryan undresses her slowly, taking the time to feel her petite and soft boobs. Emily’s hand goes toward her hungry pussy, rubbing it gently until Ryan replaces her to finger it a little harder. The guy’s tongue also wants in for the fun, so Ryan starts licking Emily’s pink nipples and luscious snatch, covering it all with his saliva. At her turn, Emily gives Ryan a sexy and gentle blowjob, taking the time to savor every inch of the stranger’s dick. Now mounted on Ryan’s cock, Emily discovers the pleasures of extramarital fun, opening a new world of possibilities with each of Ryan’s strokes inside of her.

3 months ago