My Small Secretary

Mar, 2024 Jade’s new boss, Robby, is a bit of a hard ass. He has an unorthodox approach to mentorship, and his presence is commanding and stern. Still, Jade finds herself entirely smitten by his assertive demeanor. She’s never had a boss quite like this before, and the longer she works for him, the hornier she becomes. When Robby bends Jade over the desk and spanks her while she reads a letter, Jade is at first taken aback. There was no way this was appropriate, but hell, if her pussy wasn’t getting wetter and wetter with each spank. Dumbfounded by her new attraction to being the submissive secretary in this odd boss-employee relationship, Jade touches herself as soon as she finds herself alone. Jade rubbed her clit, imagining all of the ways she could submit herself to Robby and how good it would feel having his cock pressed against the inside of her vaginal walls. Jade knew she had to have Robby’s cock one way or another, but she had to figure out how to get it. Being the powerhouse he is, Robby would not simply indulge Jade’s desires - she would need to earn his attention and his cock. As their relationship unfolds, Robby’s grip on Jade tightens, and soon, Robby is all Jade can think about. Jade attempts to make her move on Robby. She bends herself over, placing her elbows on Robby’s desk so that she is at eye level with him. Robby stands up and positions himself behind the sexy, petite secretary. Robby lifts Jade’s dress and eats her pussy from behind. He wants to make sure she is good and wet before he slips his cock in. When he does fuck her, Jade feels the sexual tension that has been mounting in her mind begin to release. It’s pure bliss having Robby’s cock thrust back and forth, in and out of her. Dreams of getting fucked in the office had filled Jade’s head for days, and her fantasy was finally becoming a reality. Robby fucks Jade hard, placing her in various positions and thrusting his cock in her as deep as it will go. To reward Jade for her dedication as an employee, Robby pumps his hot load into her eager mouth. On her knees, Jade looks up at Robby lovingly as he lets the cum drip down from the head of his dick and onto her extended tongue. Jade makes sure not to miss a drop and savors every bit of cum her boss has to offer. Robby and Jade breathe deeply, bathing in the intensity of the moment. Afterward, it’s right back to work. Robby has big expectations for Jade, and this is only the beginning.

3 months ago