The JOI Of Sex

Two rows of men (Richard Glaze, Donny Sins, Dorian Del Isla, Jack Vegas, Danny Mountain, and Robby Apples) are seated in a room, anxiously waiting for a seminar to begin. Suddenly, world-renowned author and sexual stamina coach, Dr. Tracy Majors (Danielle Renae), strolls out and gives them a warm smile. The men are on the edge of their seats, eager to hear her speak. Dr. Majors begins, and it's revealed that this is a seminar entitled 'Rediscovering the JOI of Sex', created by none other than Dr. Majors herself. Indeed, she's here to help these men last longer in the sack, and she's going to be using a special kind of JOI technique to help accomplish this. The men are curious, wondering how this works and if it will actually be able to help them. After her introduction, however, Dr. Majors turns things up a notch by asking all the men to drop their pants. The men are unsure- should they REALLY be doing this? But Dr. Majors insists that this is all part of the seminar, which will take the form of a 'hands-on' workshop, with Dr. Majors expertly guiding them through every phase. The men are all for it, and let her take turns sucking on their cocks, eventually gangbanging Tracy, who edges them and only lets them cum when she allows.

4 months ago