Crime Doesn’t Creampie

Willow has a breeding kink, but her boyfriend refuses to creampie her because he’s afraid of getting her pregnant. She’s been fantasizing about it so much that she finally decides to go and steal a dildo that creams. The problem is that she’s a broke college student who can’t really afford such a high-tech toy, so she opts to steal it. The curly-haired babe is caught by Officer Gunn, the mall’s tough security guard. Desperate, she conceals the kinky item inside of her. Now in the security guard’s office, Tommy strips Willow to conduct a thorough search. The guy gropes the nervous girl’s petite tits down to her pussy and ass. Suddenly, the dildo falls from her, shocking the Officer. Without any options, Willow explains to Tommy her secret fetish of getting seeded. The truth is that the girl is just desperate to feel the warm sensation of man juice inside of her, and she can’t convince her boyfriend to do it. Sympathizing with Willow, Tommy offers her a solution: she can go free of charge and get cummed inside by the officer. A definite win-win situation, Willow opens up her pussy for Tommy to fill her up.

3 months ago