The Reverend’s Wife

God acts in mysterious ways, especially when it comes to criminals. Lindsey, the Reverend’s wife, has been caught stealing in the local mall. Officer Cruise questions her about it, but the goodie-goodie blonde denies everything. A woman of God, Lindsey tells him she couldn’t have done it, and that she would incur in sinful deeds, yet the security guard is on to her. She might look like a saint, but the milf stole an odd item: a dildo! Now, the officer has to be thorough and strip her naked to ensure she hasn’t concealed any other lustful merch inside her holes. Now, it’s time for the Reverend’s wife to face the consequences of her acts. Will she go to jail? Officer Cruise wouldn’t mind letting her go if she prayed to his cock first. The sanctimonious milf shows her naughty side by relishing Tyler’s dick and sitting on it. Lindsey feels equally horny and guilty while going for a ride on the Officer’s cock, so she decides to beg for forgiveness with the bible on her hands while bouncing on the man’s dick.

4 months ago