All Hands on Deck

Vivianne and Elias must go into an office for interrogation. It is suspected that they are guilty of shoplifting, so Jack, James, and Logan all step in to assess the situation. The men quickly discover that there is probable cause for the suspected crime, and thus, they conduct a cavity search. Both Vivianne and Elias are mortified - Vivianne is completely naked with her asscheeks spread in front of her stepson, who has a clear view of her pussy and her asshole. Elias knows he shouldn’t be turned on, but seeing his stepmom so vulnerable and naked has him getting hard. He doesn’t have to wait long to get a closer look as the loss prevention officers and store managers shove Elias’s face into his mom’s pussy. It’s wrong, but Elias loves it, and Vivianne is also turned on by the situation in a very fucked up way. It seems if they’re going to get out of this situation, Vivianne and Elias will need to do whatever Jack, James, and Logan tell them to do. It’s looking like Vivianne will need to please all the men in the room - including her stepson. Everyone gets a turn pumping the hot milf with their cock. No one holds back, as it isn’t often they get to fuck such a smoking hot curvaceous babe like Vivianne. Each man cums hard and coats Vivianne with a hot sticky mess. She’s humiliated yet oddly turned on by how intense and submissive the situation is. She’s never been involved in anything like this before, and this will have to be a secret between Elias and Vivianne for the rest of their lives.

3 months ago