Beca's Higher Learning

Beca is board and horny at college. This is not the experince she had hoped for when going to university, They college boys do nothing for her, so she is stuck with masterbating. While flicking the bean, she is intrrupted by a visit from her step dad Peter. Her mom sent Peter to visit her hoping it would cheer her up, but Beca lets him know only one thing is going to raise her spirt and it is dick! She lets Peter know she is not with fuckinh randos, so he needs to fuck her. Peter doesnt think that is what her mom meant as far as helping her/ Beca tells him if he fucks her she will put in a good word with her mom and tell him how great Peter made her feel about college. She gets in his face confused, wondering why he wont fuck her when he clearly has a massive hard on. He cant resist her long as she pulls it out and starts to suck it. Beca is now exstatic, because it is much bigger than she thought. Peter fucks her all over her dorm room, and she begs for him to cum in her pussy. They say semen in women is a good attitude adjuster, because Beca is now way more ethusiastic about college.

3 months ago