Cumming to an Agreement

Sia is a pretty little thing, and Danny likes having her as the family babysitter - she’s generally dependable, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s pleasant to look at. Overall, Danny has never had anything but admiration for Sia. That is until Danny catches Sia performing some weird solo porn act while she’s supposed to be working. Thinking she was alone, Sia set up a camera and a light and started taking salacious selfies. Danny is furious afterward and confronts Sia. He tells the petite chick they’ll need to come to some agreement. Using her sexual prowess, Sia is already three steps ahead of Danny. She knows that as soon as he saw her perfect little booty, Danny was hypnotized, and he is only putting on this act to seem tough. Danny would be lying if he said he wasn’t horny after seeing Sia pose for the camera. The babysitter was remarkably hot, and her young and vivacious attitude was beyond alluring. He’d been pining after Sia for some time but never thought he’d be in this sort of situation with her. Now, here Sia was with her hand pressed against his stiffening cock. Sia rubbing his dick underneath his pants was enough to make Danny fold. Sia gets on her knees and fits Danny’s big cock in her mouth effortlessly. He doesn’t want to know where an innocent-seeming girl like Sia learned to suck cock so well - he just wants to live in the moment. Sia blows Danny and makes herself wet. The truth is, she’s had a crush on Danny, too, but she’s always been too shy to make a move on him. The heat between Danny and Sia grows, and Danny lifts Sia from the floor. Danny wants her pussy bad, and after getting his cock sucked, he is immersed in the moment. Sia lifts her skirt and pushes her black panties aside so Danny can slide his cock into her now dripping-wet pussy. It’s tight, and Danny is definitely pushing Sia to her limits, but she takes his dick like a pro. Danny picks the petite girl up and fucks her as she is lifted in the air. Sia has never been fucked like this before, and she feels an indescribable pleasure with Danny’s cock buried deep inside of her. Sia bets Danny doesn’t get to fuck, which makes her even hornier. Sia and Danny fuck in various positions until Danny is about to cum. He doesn’t want to pull out after how good the sex has been - he wants to finish inside Sia to really take their session all the way. He busts a massive load, leaving Sia’s pussy filled with his hot sticky cum. It drips out of Sia, and she is utterly captivated by how hot it looks, running down her pussy lips down to her asshole.

3 months ago