Concept: Cum Nurse

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? You know we love getting experimental, so let’s jump into this Labs update! We’ve recently released a top-rated breeding series called “Breeding Material,” and fans can’t seem to get enough of it! It’s not hard to understand why - the kinky approach we take to our breeding videos is fun and gets you hard quickly. For this experiment, we’re building on the creampie and breeding fetish in a slightly different way. “Cum Nurse” is a concept where sneaky husbands or lonely guys need help shooting their loads. Their cum is in high demand, and it’s up to the nurses to get that seed from them. In this scene, Mike and Jewell want to take the next step in their lives, but Jewell is unable to get pregnant. She gets a nurse to help collect a cum sample, and Mike is excited to see what the young babe will look like. He starts building his plan immediately, knowing that he can probably get at least a handjob from the nurse. Fae comes to their house and waits with Jewell while Mike “produces a sample.” But Mike bides his time and waits for Fae to check on him. It’s from there that the fun begins. Mike gets Fae to play with his cock, and even gives him a blowjob. Fae has other work to do, so she needs Mike to bust his load so she can move on with the day. Soon, Fae lets Mike take her pussy - if this is how she’s going to get the cum sample, she may as well enjoy it, too! Mike fucks the sweet chick hard, but he doesn’t plan on pulling out. He busts his load deep inside of Fae’s pussy. She’s furious but also turned on by how fucked up this situation has become. It’ll have to be their secret, and Fae will have to start checking in with Mike and Jewell much more frequently.

3 months ago