Do You Want To Come Over?

When Renato sees his neighbor unable to get inside her apartment, he invites her to relax at his loft while she waits for a locksmith. Angelika is a fiercely beautiful Euro babe whom Renato had been eyeing for some time. She’d also been eyeing Renato and had wondered for some time what his loft was like inside. Once inside, Angelika wastes no time turning on the charm and using her seduction to tempt Renato. She strips off her red dress and washes her delicate body in Renato’s shower. He soon joins her and caresses her petite body, kissing and sucking on her perfect nipples and feeling all of her delicate curves. Angelika and Renato share a passionate moment, and Renato fucks Angelika hard, showing the babe how a real man pleases a woman. When he cums, Renato cums deep inside Angelika’s pussy, filling her up with a hot, creamy load.

3 months ago